Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I LOVE to price match. Its so great. I price matched the chips 2/6 (plus 1register reward) then the huggies were 9.99 (plus 3single check rebate) the kotex was 2.99 (2.00 scr), st ives 3.99 (3 scr) and the lotion was 4.99 (4.00scr). There was a different girl working, so intead of giving me ecbs instead of the rr or scr, she just deducted them from the total. I ended up having a total of 9.xx after my coupons, so I grabbed a water so I could use my 10.00 ecb, and spend nothing oop. I still have 10ecbs to do another deal later this week, woohoo!!!

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