Saturday, August 29, 2009

Super Busy

I've been so busy lately. From going to the wedding in New Jersey, to getting everything ready for Carter's big birthday weekend, I haven't had any time to blog.. and shop!!
I hope this hilarious picture makes up for my slacker-ness!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free nursing cover....

My friend Mel has a deal posted on her blog for "udder" covers.. they are free, plus shipping. Go
HERE for all the details. It's udderly-fantastic!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beech-nut starter kit

Sign up HERE to get your starter kit (and the eNewsletter, which always has coupons too!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I did 2 transactions at Shaws today. I bought the popcorn, 2 peter pans, reeses pieces and cups, and 6 things of tuna. I spent a little over a buck oop after my 10.oo catalinas, and coupons. Then I got 2 5.00 catalinas back for buying 25.00 worth of participating products. Check your Shaws flyer, or online flyer for details.
Then I did a transaction with the 3 nutri grain boxes, and 2 cocoa krispies. I had a coupon for a free box of krispies which was most helpful, and after my other coupons, I used one 5.00 catalina, and spend 3.50 oop, and got back 10.00 catalina. So I walked out with all that food, and 15.00 in catalinas!!


I went to CVS to just get some water for Josh, and managed to leave the store with all this (and a case of 24 CVS brand bottled waters) I used 5.98 in ecbs, plus coupons and 3.89 oop, and got back 3 ecbs. It doesn't sound like THAT great of a deal, but considering I got the big package of water for Carter's birthday party, and a package of M&M's, it made for a great trip. One thing of my to do list, and one thing to put in my belly!

Coupon alert!

You know that I don't give a lick about Walgreens, but my CVS will take competitors coupons!!

Free Card!

Free card same from
go HERE to get yours!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Totally free sample..

Looking for a free sample of blueberry total? Look no furter. Follow the link below...HERE

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

almost peed my pants over this one....

10.00 off Blu-Ray DVD coupon

Another Shaws Deal??

Shaws is crazy about food, and I am crazy about deals. Go to Me's site to read about the latest deal HERE

Swagbucks Code!

New Swag code found at the bottom of my newsletter .. its worth 1 point...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom's Club

If you have a Childrens Orchard near you this is a good deal. I'll take 5 bucks of free stuff!!


Another Shaw's Adventure!

So I did 2 transactions. I have no idea how many catalinas I used to pay, but I used around 1.50 oop to pay for everything. I also recieved 2 5.00 catalinas and 2 50 bonus boxtops, 1.00 coupon for buying velveeta, and 1.50 for buying something general mills (but I'm not sure why?). I still have 15 catalinas, so I'm going to try to do another deal this week, but I'm not sure. I was very excited to get 2 boxes of trash bags, its not often that you get a good deal on those!!
Oh, and to keep you up to date. I did sell 300 boxtops on ebay today for 28.00.. and I think I might have enough to do another huge lot!!! Talk about getting paid to shop!

Crazy Deals!

I made 2 cvs trips today. The first one was the picture above. I got 2 razors, 3 candles and 6 J&J band-aid to go's. All for free. That's right. FREE. I didn't have to use any extra bucks, and I got 4 ecbs for buying for the band-aids! woohoo!!
Then I went back tonight and used those 4 ecbs and 4 from another day, plus coupons, got the 4 cases of soda, 3 waters, and 4 sobe's for a little under 10 bucks, and then got 4 ecbs back. Not bad for all that liquid!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning Curve deals....

The thrifty mama's web page has a blog about a great deal with the learning curve website. You can read all about it


My total was 40.88 and then I got it down to 27.83, including shipping, and I bought 12 items. ... I'm SOO excited about getting stuff in!!


Finally a good week at CVS.. I say that like its been some sort of dry spell...
I went to CVS Sunday morning, armed with 4 ecbs and coupons. I did a transaction for the 2 packages of pens and 2 filler papers. I spend 0 oop and got back 3.98 (or so?)
Then I did a huge transaction including ..... 6 packages of trail mix, 8 dry ideas, 4 sobe life water, bottle of listerine with a free reach brush, colgate, J&J band-aids, and m&m's. After my coupons and ecbs, I spend .78 oop and got back 2 ecbs!! woot woo!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

shaws run.. again!

The deals just don't stop!! I did 3 transactions at Shaws today. I spent about .50 oop, used some of my catalinas ( I dont remember how many, but it wasn't THAT much) and I got back 3 5.00 catalinas and 3 5o bonus points for boxtops!! The best bargain was for the Hefty Zoopals plates. The shelf price (at my Shaws) is 3.19. They are on sale for 3/15, or 1.66 each. I then used a 1.00 off any 2 hefty plates coupons. I totally needed plates for Carter's birthday, so these were a great price and something I actually needed. Also the shelf price on the trash bags is 7.49, and they are on sale for 5.99 and there is a 1.00 off coupon that can be printed. I found it in the coupon database at
I can't wait for my next trip.. hopefully tommorrow!!

Disney Movie Rewards...

I recieved a Disney Movie Rewards member newsletter today. Incase you missed it the above code was on the bottom, worth 5 points!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time is of the essence...

That is how the saying goes right? Well it is true. The other day my friend Mel sent me and email with a coupon link for 3.50 cents off a Wanchai Ferry Frozen Meal. I thought, WOW, that is huge, I need to print this. I got lazy and didn't do it. Today I went to print it, and there were no more left. I have learned my lesson! Don't make the same mistake if something shows up in your inbox!


I was at Savers the other day and they were putting out the Halloween stuff. I bought Carter's halloween outfit last year (Old Navy, 5.00, woohoo!) and he is going to be a Bat. Vampire Bat (Oh Yea) I have no idea what I'm going to be though!! Last year he was a dragon, and I was a princess locked in a tower, except without the tower. What goes with a bat though? HELP!!

Small Rant

I first started my coupon crazy-ness when I went on a trip to Kmart with Mel. They were doubling coupons up to and including 2.00, and I remember being amazed with all the stuff she got for nothing. Then I started couponing, and the rest is history.
Speaking of history, I guess the Kmart doublers are too. I see online ALL the time that a Kmart here, or a Kmart there is doubling. Never the Kmarts around here anymore though. Its really sad. I feel like Kmart was my first coupon love, and its gone.
So if you, Kmart, read this. I miss you. I refuse to shop with you without you doubling my coupon.. I'm sorry, but thats the way it is. Please, bring back your doublers so we can be together again.


I am loving shaws again this week. They have a boxtops promotion going. Spend 20.00 (shelf price!) in select boxtop items, and get a 5.00 coupon for your next order, and a coupon for 50 bonus boxtops. As many of you know I collect my boxtops and sell them on Ebay, and if you didn't know, now you do! I went in there tonight, and got what you see above for a little over 3.00 oop. For my first transaction I bought 4 apple cinnamon cheerios, and 1 trix. I used .55 coupon for the trix, and 2 1.00 any 2 cheerios. I paid 2.70 oop and got the 5.00 coupon back and the extra boxtop coupons. My second transaction I bought 6 Trix, one kleenex, 4 amp energy drinks, caprisun box, and 2 chips ahoy snack packs. I used 6 .55 off Trix coupons, 4 .50 off amp (making them free) 1.00 off any 2 nabisco cookies (they were already bogo, so super great deal) and the caprisun was free with a inad-coupon for buying 2 multi snacks (the cookies). My total was 8.39, I then used a 2.00 off any order and a 5.00 catalina, and paid 1.39 oop, got the 5.00 catalina, and 50 boxtops bonus. WOOT WOO!!

Also, all the products have boxtops on them (well most of them), so I'll be cutting those off and saving them up to sell!! I currently have a lot of 300 boxtops on ebay!

A internet lesson...

I've been trying to figure out how to put links on my blog, without putting the whole link. All the other cool blog has links that just say HERE and then you can click on them. So with the help of Mel and her awesome blogger-ness, I think I know how!
She told me to click on the world with the chains, it will pop up with a box for a address, then you copy and past the address (or type if you know it) and then at the end there is a > mark. She told me if I put the word HERE inbetween the ><>it should work.. Let's see:


I almost forgot!!!

Thanks for reminding me Mel!


Have you joined VocalPoint yet?

I dont know if you've signed up yet, but if you haven't, you should.
They send me crazy stuff every couple of months. The latest was a talking card, telling me how great rice krispies are, and inside was a coupon for a free box, and 1.00 coupons for more!!
check it out!

Shopping Crazyness

It has been so long since I went shopping, that I dont remember all the details, but I know I spent less than 2.00 oop, got my rebate forms and 5.00 catalinas. Oh, and lost of easy mac LOL.
This deal is now over since its friday, but they have ANOTHER deal going on this week.
Spend 20.00 on select items (mainly anything with box tops, like huggies, scott, cottonelle, select general mills cereal, etc) and get a 5.00 catalina for your next order, and a coupon for 50 bonus boxtops!! You may know that I sell my boxtops on ebay, so this is a GREAT deal for me!!

Have you missed me??

I don't know where this week went. Everytime I thought about updating my blog, I didn't!! So hopefully a million posts will make up for it!
First post is for a link for a sign up for a calander full of coupons from Nestle, one per household... all my friends are getting one (Yes, that means YOU)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodyear coupon

20.00 off a 20.00 purchase at Goodyear Auto Service Center.. this could result in a free (or free-ish oil change!)


Do you remember signing up for this a little while back? I do, and haven't gotten it yet. I did have some appear on my desk today though. One of my other coupons friends said she found some at Shaws supermarket. They aren't the best coupons ever, but they are still pretty cool!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


CVS has had some awesome deals the past few weeks, but it looks like they have bottomed out this week. I'm not excited about ANYTHING, and will probably only go in Monday to print the weekly crazy coupons from the boyfriend machine. If you are interested, click on the link about, it will bring you to the thrifty mama's page where she does have the "deals".

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kraft ROCKS!!!

I went back to Shaws tonight to do the Kraft deal. I didn't think it was that great of a deal, but it actually is. If you spend 25 dollars on select items you get a 5.00 catalina back, AND a rebate form to get 20.00 back!!! So the whole thing is free. I went in tonight and did 2 transactions (it is one rebate per household, luckily I've got some friends) and I bought 4 deli creations sandwiches and 3 flatbread melts. After coupons and 15.00 catalinas I spend a little under a buck oop. I got the 5.00 catalina back, and my rebate form.
Then I did the second transaction with was 21 easy mac cups for the Kraft deal, and 4 propel waters because I had coupons. After my coupons I spent 10.00 catalinas and a little over a buck oop. I got the 5.00 catalina back, and my rebate form. WOOHOO!!
And I still have 95.00 in catalinas left....


As promised....

Here is my picture from Shaws yesterday. I went once during the day with Carter. I spent 0 oop and 35 in cats, but due to an error on my part, I only got back 30 cats, but whatever! I went back later that night and did 3 transactions. I did one using 35 cats and got back 10 cats, and then did two transactions, getting the diapers, wipes and pringles. Each transaction cost me .99 oop, and 20 in cats and I got back 5 cats per transactions. BTW: Cats= Catalinas.
I still have 120 catalinas to spend on this weeks Kraft deal!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dominos Pizza Tracker

I have been on a crazy I love pizza roller mode lately. Especially the more Chourico the better!! The other day it was really HOT in my condo and I was not going to cook something, so I decided to have Dominos deliever. After I place my order, the pizza tracker screen came up, and I was amazed. It showed me who was making my pizza, and what step it waas out. I even saw when it came out of the oven and when the delievery guy left the store with it. My doorbell doesn't work so it was great to know he was on his way, so I wasn't just staring out the door.
They also have great online coupons, I ended up getting 2 large pizzas and breadsticks that fed us a couple of meals for under 20 bucks! Yay Dominos!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The crazyness is almost over...

I think I'm starting to run out of good coupons to use on this deal. I did 2 transactions today, each of them I got my shelf price total up to 90 bucks, so I got back 45 in catalinas. My 2nd transaction did cost me 5.00 oop becuase I bought an energy drink, and I only brought some of my catalinas, not my whole binder. But OH well. I am up to 140.00 in catalinas. I'm going to try to make up some "mock" deals while I'm at work tommorrow and see what I can come up with. I also want to pick up some of the proctor and gamble items. They have a promo that if you spend 20 you get 5 cats back, so I can get a box of diapers which are 19.99, get 1.00 off with a coupon, plus I have a coupon for a free thing of wipes when you buy a box of diapers. I think you have to throw in something for the .01 cent, so I'll probably get a box of tissues, or pringles which are 1.00. Use 20 of my cats to pay for it, and get 5 back. Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Scope Samples

These pictures are from the last couple of days. I didn't take a picture of the 17 boxes of cereal I got on one of my trips, I'm lazy!! I have no idea how many things I got, but I know I spent about 1.25 oop for all these items pictures above (including the cereal you dont see) and I'm up to having 100.00 worth of coupons to use on my next order. Woot woo!!
I'm going to a soup kitchen in the next couple of week. I hope they take donations too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay.. I did 5 transactions. I left the store with ... a lot of stuff.. cereal, milk, warm delights, etc. I also have 65.00 in catalinas to play with!

I told you it was going to be a great CVS week....

My pictures are out of order, like usual. The one right above this is part of my first trip. I say part of it, because I've given a lot of the stuff away. I did two transactions (one before work, and one of my break). One transaction consisted of 2 scissors, 2 pen packs, 2 book covers, 2 rulers, 2 glue sticks, one compass, one other ruler looking doohicky, 2 notebooks, and 4 2-packs of disposable razors. Everything but the newspapers and razors were FREE after ecbs, and the razors were 1.00 and I had 1.00 off coupons. All together I spent a little over 12 bucks after all my coupons and ecbs from last week, and got back 24 ecbs, and a coupon for a free 4 pack of AA batteries.

I then did another transaction. I bought 2 packs of the AA batteries (they are BOGO this week, so I got 2 packs for free) and 3 visine products, and some other eye thing (blink something?). After all my coupons and 7 extra bucks, I spent nothing oop and got back 13 ecbs.

Then I went back to CVS tonight, and did a few transaction. My first transaction I bought the finish products and the lysol, I used about 7 in ecbs, .04 oop, and got back 10 ecbs

Then I bought the 3 softsoaps, and 5 disposable razors, I used 9 (?) ecbs to pay for it, nothing oop and got back 12 ecbs. Then I bought the soda which was 4/12 plus the bottle deposit, I used 14 ecbs to pay for it, plus .40 oop and got back 4 ecbs.

I have no idea when I bought the candy, but it looks good.

And a HOLLA goes out to Kim for giving me her coupon for free chapstick.. woot woo!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great CVS week

Need I say more?


I forgot all about free chocolate friday yesterday... I hope you guys rememberd!!!
I guess there is always next week!

August 1st..

The coupons on and smartsource (as well as and and maybe more?) have been refreshed!

You can print some really great coupons that go with the shaws 30/15 deal this week!!

Oh, and if you are wondering. I have remembered to print them through