Wednesday, September 30, 2009 reset!!

Tonights the last night for the september coupons on Tommorrow some will reset, but some will disapear!! Head over before its to late!

Quarterly Extra Bucks?

I believe tommorrow is the day when the quarterly extra bucks will print. How excited am I?? SO excited!! Last time I recieved 8.50.. not sure what I'll get this time, but I'm still excited!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What can you buy with 4 dollars?

I did 2 transactions, and paid a little UNDER 4.00 for everything, and left with ecbs to boot!! I'm not sure how many I left with, since they are in the car, but I know it was good. The dentex pics, chapstick, toothbrush, vaseline, and herbal essence were all pretty much free, if not a money maker. I did price matching from Walgreens, so instead of register rewards, I got ecbs!!! I probably left there with 12-15 ecbs :) WootWoo!!
Im going back tommorrow to get the Monster VS. Aliens movie. If you buy 20.00 worth of coke products, you get 15.00 off the movie. So I'm going to pair that with a 5/25 and get a whole bunch of liquds and a movie!!

Wii Fit-ness

My poor Wii was sold on ebay, not to long ago, luckily one of my friends has one. I hoped on today to see my stuff, and it was scary, but not as scary as I thought it would be. When I had my Wii I was 213, my BMI was 44%.
September 28, 2009 I was
205 lbs
41% BMI
and my Wii Fit age was
I set a goal to lose 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Let's see what I can do!

Shaws 9/29

I had no meal type foods in my house, except for mac n' cheese, so off to Shaws I went. I've decided that I'm going to TRY to start eating better, so I got some non-processed items.... bananas, apples, grapes, carrots, potatos, onions. I got corned beef (which isn't great, but I will eat the carrots!) and some other sort of beef. I figure I can put it in a crock pot, and eat a normal persons portion. I'm going to try to sit down and make a meal plan for the week and see what I can do. So far eating healthy is sucking.. I spent 61 bucks at Shaws today on the food pictured above. (please note that I am not going near the red baron or hot pocket items) (ew)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More CVS

I went to CVS this morning, with the crankiest child in the WORLD. I had 17 ecbs, and a 5/25 coupon. I bought 2 newspapers, fusion razors (-4.00q), 2 chocolate covered almonds (-2.00q) , 2 bounce dryer bars (-3.00 q), and vaseline lotion (-1.00q) and paid .88 oop and got back 12 ecbs. I also got 8.00 towards my spend 25 get 10 ecbs!! woohoo!

Needs + a deal.. who would have thought?

So Josh was feeling sickie and needed some cold-eze and cough drops. I had nothing like that in my stockpile, and no coupons, so what to do, what to do. I went to CVS hoping they had a CVS brand and I could use a 2.00 off 10.00 coupon, something is better than nothing!! They did indeed have a CVS cold-eze for 5.19, then the CVS cough drops were 1.29. For fillers to get up to 10.00 I bought 2 waters (.99 each) and 2 packages of nuts .99 each, and I had a 2.00 coupon) . I also had a 5.00 off any lumene purchase, and bought an item for 2.99 hoping to get the overage, which I did. So all the above cost under 5.00!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The deals are up!

The thrifty mama has posted the best cvs deals for next week, check them out HERE

Friday, September 25, 2009

for my fellow potter-heads...

The Harry Potter experience is coming to the Boston Museum of Science starting October 24th... I am SO there. You can get more information HERE

Totally worth it!

I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go to CVS, but it was totally worth it!! I got 6 bottles or water, 8 cashew bags, 10 Johnson& Johnson baby products, 10 vo5 products, 3 nailspolishs, 3 sally hansen lip.. stuff, kotex light day pads (boxtop!) 2 dove bars, 3 tweezers, 6 airwick motion i-sprays, toothpaste, and 2 starbucks drinks.. I spend a little over 10 oop, and left with 17 ecbs!! I love that cvs will price match!!

Free Chocolate Fridays!

I totally forgot about FREE chocolate fridays.. I'm so silly!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How many days till Christmas?

There are 91 days till Christmas at this moment. I know I blogged about making your list before, but I wasn't sure if you did..?
I have to take everything out of my present closet and re-make my list. I have to do it on a child-free day, since there are many toys I will need to pull out. There are going to be some great deals coming out in the next couple of months, so get those lists ready!

Pepsi Coupons..

If you know me, you know how in love I am with Diet Pepsi. I love it so much, I'll drink it flat, warmed, shaken.. etc. posted a link for some pepsi (and other pepsi products) coupons. I can't wait to print them, and use them! Go HERE to print your own!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sally's Beauty Supply Coupon

Go HERE for a 5/25 coupon...

Hate Rite Aid.. Love the deals though!

I try not to shop at Rite Aid, and now that I found out CVS (atleast mine) will price match (and give me ecbs, instead of the single check rebate) I am loving the Rite Aid deals. They have some printables available right now, which make CVS deals even sweeter.
Go HERE for AdPerks, you watch a few videos, get some coupons.. including a 5/20
and then go HERE to print a 5/25. It is a pdf file, so you can print it more than once.
Don't forget to check thethriftymama's web page for the best deals of the week. She has Walgreen, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, and a few others!


I have not been a good blogger lately. Not sure why.. could it be the 100 and something things on ebay? not sure. I went to CVS the other day, and spent 42 bucks (gasp!) but I got back 25 ecbs, and left with lots of good smelling things, and diapers!!
Today I went in, and did 3 transaction. The nail polish was 1.00 each, and I had 1.00 coupons, making them FREE.. Pampers were price matched from Rite Aid at 9.99, I got back 2 ecbs, and I used a 2.00 coupon.. Treseme was also price matched from Rite Aid, it was 3/12, and got back 5 ecbs, plus I had 1.00 off each. The Garnier Fructis was price matched from Walgreen. They were 3/10, spend 20 get 10 ecbs.. and coupons!! I spent a little over 6.00 oop, and left there with all that stuff, and 26 ecbs!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

CVS (and slackerness)

I've been so busy with Ebay lately, that I haven't done much shopping, but last night I went to CVS, and found out just what 14.00 and 7 ecbs can buy you.
2 gallons of milk
6 schick razors,
3 degree deodorants
3 disposable schick razors,
2 cvs peanut clusters candy,
3 covergirl foundations,
3 covergirls pressed powder
4 airwick smelly things,
2 stacy pita chips
listerine total, baby tylenol
and truenorth nuts
I had my CVS price match walgreens for the deodorant price (1.99-1.oocoupon) and the schick razors BOGO (9.99 each- used 2 4.00 off coupons), and rite aid BOGO covergirl (used BOGO covergirl coupon). There was also a rite aid offer for TrueNorth nuts, 3.00 get 3.00 register rewards back, so I got ecbs instead :) AND listerine was 2.99 get 2 register rewards, cvs is running a similar deal this week (3.99 get 1 ecb back) so I took advantage of both!! The rest I just had coupons for (or needed badly) and it was totally awsome!!! Thanks to Justin for telling me CVS does more than price matching, they do ecbs matching!! I can't wait to check out next weeks ads and see all the goodness I can get from CVS!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

5.00 off Luvs Coupon!!!

The thrifty mama said, that someone said, Luvs will be having a 5.00 off coupon available tommorrow! Go Here tommorrow to get it!


Sadly, this is not my giveaway.. but I hope to win!! Thrifty mama is having a giveaway for some yobaby 3in1 meals... check all the info out HERE

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I bought 2 24 packs of diet pepsi, 4 v8 splash, 1 v8 fusion, gallon of milk, 4 glade candles, multi surface cleaner, spegettio o's, 6 packages of rice, loaf of bread, and aluminum foil. I spent 30 bucks, and got a 5.00 catalina to use for my next order. I think this is the most I've spent at the grocery store in weeks!! It was sad :(

CVS trip

I definitly had a good CVS trip tonight. I got 3 24 packs of water, 2 starbucks energy drinks, kotex light day pads, 4 gold emblem nuts, 3 clean and clear face scrub, 8 2pk razors, colgate, 2 dove, revlon eye shadow, 3 listerine. I spend a little under 9 buck oop, and left there with 7 ecbs!!

update on the bagelful site...

It did not let me print the wonderful coupon again. boohoo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Attention CVS Shoppers

I'm so excited becuase it appears that has a printable rite aid coupon for 5/25, and if your CVS takes competitor coupons, this is perfect!! I'll be printing out a couple of those tommorrow to go along with the deals this week at CVS!

1.00 Lunchables

So there is good news, and bad news with this post. The bad news is, to get the coupon, you have to promise to write a note and put it in your childs lunch. This will lead to your child writing a very long list of things they hate, and one or 2, or most of them will be you. You embarrased them, but leaving them a note with smiley faces and hearts. How dare you.
The good news is, your child is going to hate you for something ANYHOW, so you might as well save a buck ... go HERE

Coupon Preview...

I usually like to be surprised when I get the newspaper on Sundays as to what coupons are listed, but when I read Mommy's Piggy and saw that there would be 5 coupon inserts this month, I just had to share!! Make sure you ask all your friends and neighbors to save you what they won't use, and heck, if you've got an extra 2.50 laying around, go ahead and pick up and extra Boston Sunday Globe (just my pick) If you are interested in what coupons will be in the paper just go HERE to check it out

A pick me up

Just something that made me giggle before I headed off to work.

Bagel-Full Alert!

I have printed the Bagelful coupon for 1.00 off before, but the site looks new, so I'm hoping I can print the coupon again!! It is a bricks coupon, so you can print it twice!! My bagelfuls are usually 2/5, and sometimes 2/4... so with the coupons, it makes for a great deal!

CVS deals..

The CVS deals for 9/13 can be found on Thrifty Mama's website.

Wow. I can cook.

So I got a decent deal on a few apples the other day and decided I would make applesauce. My grandmother always made the best homemade applesauce. I still cannot re-create it, but I try. She had the easiest recipe, apples, sugar water, boil, eat.

Thanks Grandma

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shaw's Catalina Deal

The Shaw's catalina deal of the week is: Purchase $15 of participating Campbells and Pepperidge Farm Products, get a cat for $5 off your next order. It includes these items:

Campbells Chicken Noodle and Tomato Soup .50 cents each

Campbells Kids Condensed 4/$5

Campbells Spaghettios 1.00
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 1.00

V* Splash
Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Campbells Select Harvest
Chunky Soups

I have no more catalinas left from my other deals, so I'm hoping with coupons and shelf prices I can work something out to get a good deal!!

12 Jars of Earth's Best Baby food or 5.49 shipped!

We are pass the need for baby food in my house, but I thought I would pass along the information for those of you who are still in need. You can check out thrifty mama's website for all the details HERE

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New blog!

My good friend Mel at made my site a little easier on the eyes today.. thanks Mel! 90% off is having a big 90% off sale. Find a restaurant you like, and enter the code NINETY to get the price. I've shopped a couple of times through this site for gifts (since I'm picky there is never anything I like) and they do have some stipulations on when and how they can be used. Make sure you read the fine print BEFORE you buy! Check is out HERE

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The end of my catalinas

There were NO great deals this week, but I still needed some stuff, so off to Shaws I went. I did have 10.00 in catalinas to help myself out. I ended up grabbins some bananas for my special K cereal, and while I was in that area I saw some apples for .72. It's the perfect amount to make some applesauce, so I'll be doing that in the next night or so. I then got some Red Baron Singles which Josh likes to take for lunch. They are on sale for 2.99, and I got .75 coupons from the paper (and they double), and a anytizer snack which was 2.50 and I had a .75 coupons for that too! I also grabbed some soda, buns and nuggets... after all those coupons and catalinas, I paid 4.83 cents! Woohoo!!

CVS run

I have not been loving the CVS deal lately, and this week is no different!! I did go on to browse and see if anything was clearanced, but nothing good. They did have a decent ecb deal with the crest, and I had a coupon, so I grabbed 2 of those. The schicks are BOGO making them 4.99 each, and I had a 4.00 off coupon. Since they only had one the manager just price adjusted it for me. The Kotex were free after my 1.50 off coupons, plus they have boxtops on them, which as you know, is a money maker for me!! So after was said and done, I used 6ish ecbs, and .09 oop, and got back 5 ecbs!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I actually didn't feel like going to Shaw's tonight, but my husband told me it would make me feel better (I was having a blah day) I decided to go. He was right, a good deal does make me feel better. I did 4 transactions in order to purchase all of the above. I spent 5.80 oop and left there with 10 ecbs!! And about 80% off what I bought also has boxtops on it, that I can sell on ebay!!!

Trip to CVS

So I went to CVS, I had 6.99 in ecbs to blow, and a 4/20 coupon. I bought the Pantene Styler, Loving Care hair dye, Soaftsoap shower stuff, bounce dryer, and M&M's, and a anniversary card. The M&M's were free with a coupon, I had 2.50 off of bouce, 1.00 manufacture and 1.00 cvs offt he soaftsoap, 2.00 off the loving care, and 1.00 off pantene. I spend a total of .04 oop. I recieved 6 ecbs!

Betty Crocker Potato sample

Another free sample?? Yes indeed!! You can sign up for a free sample of Betty Crocker potatos

Go HERE to sign up!

Huggies Samples...

There is nothing better than a free diaper!! Go HERE to sign up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Birthday Pictures!

Entertainment Book 2010

I love the Entertainment book. I have never purchased one for myself, but they make great gifts! The ones for 2010 are out.. check your christman to-buy for list, and see how many people you can cross out with this deal!

Bally's 7 day free pass...

If you know me, you know how much I LOVE a good deal. This is one good deal that I will pass up though :) If you want the details, just go