Tuesday, June 30, 2009


www.coupons.com has reset, so now you can print 2 more of some of those fantastic coupons...


Tommorrow is the big day!!
Scan your card for your quarterly extra bucks!!! Last quarter I got 8.50, since I save more than I spend.. I wonder what this quarter will bring!!


The craziest thing that you may or may not know about me is that I am CRAZY shy. If you know me you're like, No you aren't, but I am. Somehow when it comes to my favorite stores my shyness melts and I become my loveable self, so I got to chat it up with my totally cute cashier Marco and then went on to get some FANTASTIC deals.

So.. loaf of bread
8 hot dog buns
8 hamburger buns
1 loaf of sourdough bread (3.99 but totally worth it)
bananas (marked down to .54 because they were perfect?)
3 Weber marinades (1.00 each)
Digiorno flat bread cereal (got a coupon for a free one!)
Package of 3 ice cube trays (because my neighbor stole mine!! Are you reading this Fran?? LOL)
2 Bagelfuls (1.00 coupons)
2 Propel waters (reduced to .50 each, and I had a coupon for 1.00 off 2)
Lucky Charms (1.10 coupon)
Wacky Mac (1.50 off coupon= .25 Money Maker)
2 V8 Fusions (1.00 coupons, and buy 2 gets a 1.00 catalina)
4 lea and perrins sauce (1.00 coupons)
Porkchops (2.00 coupon on item)

After all my coupons, and using the 5.00 I got for my next purchase, my total 51.00 after the coupon it was a little over 29.00.

I did not get the catalina for buying the Lea and Perrins sauce, so I think I may be returning those next time I'm there, we'll see .....


So after hanging out with Justina (I wrote that by accident, but I'm totally keeping it as his nickname) and McCliffy, I spent .43 cents oop and 4 ecbs. My husband needed water and chips, and then I got the 2 HUGE things of listerine. Not to shabby!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not my usual...

I usually don't post any God loving stuff on my blog, but I know some people out there love the veggietales so here ya go...
Sign up for the e-mail newsletter and you can get a DVD for free (shipping is 2.99)


I wrote about this website not to long ago. I had heard about it from a friend signed up. I took a couple of surveys to "get to know me" which also gave me mypoints for my www.mypoints.com account. Well today I recieved an invitation to be part of a Bzzcampaign. It's for a covergirl lipstick. I should be getting some stuff in the mail, and I can't wait!! I'll let you know as soon as it appears!
For now, you can go to www.bzzagent.com and check the site out for yourself!!

Old Navy...

For the Old Navy cardholers out there.. If you put the code THANKYOU25 you can get an extra 25% off your order!!
They have some great markdowns right now, so this could be a GREAT deal. My email said that you can also print it and bring it into the store for the savings.. to bad they don't sell plus size in store, grr!!!

I got it!!

I signed up for a Juicy Juice sippy cup a few weeks (or months ago?) and I got it in the mail today. I was hoping for some coupons with it, but nada!! The cup seems nice, and it came in a nice little box perfect to mail something in!! Now thats a 2 for 1 !!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free book?


Using the link above, you can sign up for a FREE L.Ron Hubbard book.
I've never read anything by him,, but I like to read, and I like free!


Incase you are wondering, this is a Shaw's in Canton.. nice looking huh?
I tried to check out the prices and shelf prices on some of the items included in the catalina deal...
The classico sauce was 2.89 and on sale for 2/4
The jack daniels BBQ sauce was 2.99 and not on sale
Lea and Perrins Worcestershire (?) was 3.99 and on sale for 2.69 and they have 1.00 coupons right in front of them!! Also if you go to freestufftimes.com they have a link that worked for me to print!!
The boston market meals were 4.49, and not on sale
I'm planning on going tomorrow for another deal (hopefully) and I'm going to try to check out the rest of the shelf prices..

Stop and Shop and CVS

Even though you can't see them, I guarentee you the deals were real!
At Stop and Shop I bought 21 12oz v8 fusions for FREE after coupons. They were 1.50 each, and I had .75 coupons that doubled. You can find the coupons at gas stations and CVS, and maybe other places?
Then I went to CVS and got 4 mentos gums, 2 dentyne 3 packs of gum, 10 bags of nuts, 5 colgate toothpastes, 2 packs of m&ms's. After my coupons and 10 ecbs, I paid .03 and got back 4 ecbs, woohoo!

Shaws-en it up!

So I attacked Shaws today, and it liked it.
I bought 12 8-packs of hot dogs, 6 classico sauces (for my catalina deal) 3 huggies wipes (with boxtops!) 2 ready rice, 2 arm and hammer detergents.. After all my coupons it was just 29.60 cents, and then I got the 5.00 catalina for my next trip!!

Lots of Parade coupons!!!

If you got the Parade magazine in your Sunday newspaper today, there was LOTS of coupons to be had!!

Page 3 - Save $2.00 off any Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless
Page 7 - Save $.50 on any Cottonelle Soothing Clean Wipes Tub
Page 7 - Save $1.00 on any Cottonelle Aloe Toilet Paper 12 pack
Page 11 - Save $1.00 on Bit-O-Luv Dog Treats
Page 15 - Save $1.00 on any Covergirl product
Page 15 - Save $2.00 on any 2 Covergirl products


Apparently the smartones and the worcester sauce coupon link I put under the shaws deal are not working. They are coming up for me as I had previously printed them!! They must no longer be available, sorry all!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quck run-in

I ran into 2 CVS's tonight, with Carter and all. He was a very good boy I might add. I ran into the fall/assonet CVS to see if they had put out the new reinventing beauty coupons, but nope! I then ran into MY CVS and used my 10 ecbs from my last trip, along with a coupon for 10.00 off of any 3 postively ageless item (which work on regular items) I spent nothing oop, and got my 10 ecbs back!!
To bad there aren't any fabulous deals this week to roll them into!!

CVS excited-ness for 6/28-7/4

Other sites are saying that CVS is not to exciting this week.. so lets see what I can find!!
Lay's chips are BOGO.. and I have some manufacture coupons from a home mailer for 1.00 off, making it 1.50 per bag.. they were from a Shaw's home mailer, maybe you have one too?
Wisk is BOGO, and you can use 2 1.00 coupons from www.coupons.com I'm not sure how much it is, but its always worth checking out!!
Buy one get one 50% off on Divine cookies. There were 1.00 coupons that were printing out the of the boyfriend machines (the price scanner) so combined with that deal, you could get some really great cookies.
This is one I'm not really sure about, but I'm definitly going to look into. The ad says green dot prepaid reusable cards (mastercard or visa) get 5 ecbs when you buy one. It says purchase price is 9.95. So does that mean I get a pre-paid card for 9.95 and get 10.00 back, or is the 9.95 a fee they put ON TOP of whatever denomitation you buy. If its spend 10 to get 5 so I technically have 15, I'll definitly take part. You can only do it once though!
Another deal that I am not sure if its a deal. Some of the Lumene products are 5.00 off, like thier Time Freeze, and Vitamin C. I have some CVS coupons for 3.00 or 5.00 off. Now to find out how much they are and see if its a good savings!
Colgate maxfresh paste or brush are 2 for 5.00, then you get 2.00 ecbs back, with a limit of 4. If you have coupons for the products for 1.00 off that would make them 2 for 1.00 after coupons and ecbs!! And since there is a limit of 4 you could do a few transactions!
Speed Stick Deodorant is 2/4.50 and you get 3ecbs back.. making it 2/1.50. N0t free, but super cheap.
And that seems to be it. Of course I'll post anything else I find with my shopping, along with pictures!


I'm currently planning my Shaw's attack for tommorrow... I'm looking through the flyer to see if any of the items that are part of that catalina deal are on sale... all I have found is:

Heinz Ketchup 2/4.00
Classico 2/4.00 (with printable coupon 2/3.00)

Hopefully there will be some other deals in store for the catalina deal that aren't in the flyer.. and hopefully the shelf prices will be higher than the sale price!!!

He doesn't talk....

But he loves to read!! I was going to try to wait till he was 11 so he could read the Harry Potter books at the same age as Harry was when he starts going to school, but I don't know if I can make him wait. Just look how much he loves Angels and Demons, he couldn't put it down!!

Trying to un-jinx myself...

A few days ago I posted how swagbucks.com had been giving swagbucks out like crazy. I was finding 2-3 per day, and a few others commented they were having luck too. Well my luck dried up. Maybe swagbucks caught on? I don't know, but I thought since I wrote how I was finding a lot, maybe I could write how I wasn't finding anynow and start finding them again!!
oh where oh where have the swagbucks gone?
oh where or where can they be?
With there colors so bright, and there points so big,
oh where oh where can they be??

Friday, June 26, 2009


For some reason my links in the Shaws blog hate me, and you're going to have to copy and paste them if you want to print them.... sorry!

Did you know...

That Shaws has a unadvertised catalina deal going on?
It's not totally unadvertised, but its not in the flyer. So that is unadvertised to me. How many times do you think I can write unadvertised in this blog? okay, moving in..
My dad recieved a catalina (the coupons that print out of the little machine at the end of your order) showing that if you bought 15.00 worth of select products between 6/24 - 7/11 you would get 5.00 off your next purchase (which a 5.00 off coupon will print out of the catalina machine)
The items included are:
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 40 oz.
Ore-Ida Frozen Potatos 20oz or larger
Classico Pasta Sauce 14oz or larger
Bagel Bites frozen snacks 7oz varieties
T.G.I Fridays frozen snacks
Poppers frozen snacks
Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen products
Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Jack Daniels Barbecue sauce
Heinz 57 sauce
Now remember, the object of the game is to get your shelf price total up to 15.00, but hopefully pay less with sales and coupons.
an example (just as example, i'm making numbers up here) lets pretend they bagel bites are 3.00 each, and you buy 2 of them. That would add 6.00 to get to your 15.00. But lets pretend they are on sale for 2 for 5.00, so now you are already saving 1.00, BUT then you have your 1.00 off of 2. So you are paying 4.00 for 2, but getting 6 dollars on your total.
I have no idea what the shelf price is for this stuff, but I'm hoping with sales and coupons, I can work something good!!

Here are some links to get coupons for the deal!










I <3 CVS

I bought 2 packages of GoodNites (90% off) , 17ish?? sunblocks (90% off), orajel something (90% off) , kraft bbq sauce ( 1.00 each) and 4 packages of trouser socks (for my mom, isn't she lucky? they were 90% off too) and I bought one aveeno lotion which was 9.00 on sale.
I did this in a few transations. One of the transactions was .31 cents, and I got 2 ecbs back for buying coppertone. Then I went and bought the aveeno regular priced lotion, used 2.00 coupon, and the 2 ecbs, spent 5.25 oop and hit my 20.00 goal, and got 10 ecbs back!!
Then I bought the trouser socks and the kraft bbq sauce, and spend 1.73.
So I spend 7.29, and walked out with 10ecbs.
Thanks you CVS...

This ones for all my soy fans...

If you are down with soy, you will be down with this coupon.. head over to thethriftymama.com to check it out, and print it, or have it mailed to you...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rocking chair fun....

Don't forget!!

Tommorrow is free chocolate friday...


more 90% off fun...

I went to CVS twice today, and spent 8ecbs and 1.73 oop. I bought a hot dog roller grill (regular 34.99) 4 secret deodorants, 4 clearasil daily facial scrubs, 3 orbits gum packs, 2 loreal sublime lotions, an extention cord.. and more!!
I guess my cvs had some items that were suppose to go to another store, but didn't, so now they are putting them out, 90% off!!
I can't wait to see whats on the table tommorrow!!

Free paint??

This is definitly one of the weird free items I've seen. You sign up, tell them what color you want, and they send you a quart of paint. I've been needing to re-paint my bathroom, so I got 2 quarts of white, one sent here, and one sent to my parents. My bathroom is small, so this should do the trick!
Unless I let Josh paint again... and I'll have to order buckets-full...


And the winner...

by a total landslide vote is

At some point today I will be bringing my hair back to its crazy pink status..for now, I'm still in pajamas.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Okay so I was looking around muggle.net and I found this site. Apparently when you surf the web, it raises money. Is it true? I have no idea. It does say on the bottom that it is not associated with google, but I was thinking if it wasn't legit, wouldn't google have sued them by now? I figure I'll try it out when I'm thinking of it, it doesn't hurt to TRY to raise some money for searching.
Don't forget to still use swagbucks.com to find your swagbucks, and THEN givoogle.com :)

My latest "need"

Ah, The Kindle.
Heard of it?? It's a small little guy that you can download books into and then read them. It's fantastic. A friend at work has one, and I just love it. Then when she told me you can order the books online from the Kindle itself, it made me ask, can you go on other websites, like ebay?
Yes, Yes you can.
Although it doesn't have full internet capabilities, you can still search on ebay, and without a monthly fee like some cell phone charge. Josh and I are always hunting for ebay deals, so this sounded like something I needed. Oh, have I mentioned the price?
So I'm saving. I have a little over a hundred dollars in my amazon account, so I'm a quater of the way there! Woohoo!! I'm getting another 5.00 gift card from Swagbucks.com soon, so that will help. I've also decided to start saving cans (which I should be doing anyhow) so I can use that towards it.

Target with Mr. Cranky and Tea

Mel and I met at Target today for some fun! Carter was a total brat, and Tea was well behaved. How I wish we could have swtiched children!
Anyhow.. I bought 4 boxes of Kashi Bars, 4 6oz edys ice creams, fusion razor and gillette body wash. The Kashi bars are 2.89 each, and I had 1.50 off each. The edys ice creams are 1.19 each and there are target printables for 1.00 off, the razor was 7.99 and I had a 4.00 coupons, and the body was was 3.49 and I had a dollar off of that. I also used a 5.00 gift card from another transaction and paid 7.75 oop. I then recieved a 5.00 gift card for buying the razor and body wash. Woohoo!!

Saving Energy....

I learned something new the other day, and I thought I'd pass it along. You might be "in the know", but just incase you aren't. A well stocked fridge (and freezer) saves energy. I would think it would take more energy to keep more things full, but its the opposite!!! The fridge doesn't have to work as hard!! I guess the more cold things in there, the easier it is for it!! So don't be afraid to stock up when you see a good deal!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More fun times at CVS

So I went to CVS today with 4 ecbs, and got the tylenol (4.99) and the soyjoy (1.00) I used a 2.00 off the tylenol coupon and my 4 ecbs to pay so nothing was spent "out of pocket". I then recieved 2 ecbs for the tylenol, and 4 ecbs for the soyjoy (because of my previous purchases)
I then took those 6 ecbs and went to my "favorite" cvs and got a WHOLE bunch of stuff that was 90% off. My total was a little over 34.00, and then after coupons it was 1.01. I decided not to use my ecbs, because my smallest was a 2 ecbs, and I didn't want to waste 1.00. Then I got 6.98 in ecbs back for buying the thermacare heat wraps, and a clairol perfect 10 hair color. I turned around and used the 6.98 to get a box of trash bags!!
So I still have my 6 ecbs, plus 2 ecbs from last weeks deal.. woohoo!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


If you collect the Disney Movie Rewards codes... or want to start... sign in, or sign up and enter the code GOOFY for 50 points!! woohoo!

Whats a girl to do?

I can't decide if I want to leave my hair pink or dye it brown. Right now its so washed out its a wierd orange color. So I'm letting you "vote" on the color. Just leave a comment (you can even leave a anonymous one) and just vote PINK or BROWN. The winning color will be applied to my head on thursday...


My account has been getting filled with swagbucks the last couple of days. I don't know if I they have finally decided to like more, or if they are mistaking me with someone else, but I am finding swagbucks worth 2 or 3 bucks and all I was finding before was ones worth buck!! I'm so excited!! I've also been only checking in the morning, so I'm not sure if that helps?
Is anyone else noticing a rise in swagbucks? I'm wondering if its just me?
Oh, if you don't know what swagbucks is, its a search engine that when you search you can find "swagbucks" and you can save them up and use them for things in the swagstore. I generally save up 45 swagbucks and get a 5.00 amazon gift card. If you want to sign up or get more information, there is a link on the right hands side of my blog...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Calling all my razor fans...

Target has a great razor deal this week!!
If you buy the Gillette Fusion razor (7.99) and either Gillette body wash (3.49?) or Gillette clincal strengh deodorant (7.49) you get a 5.00 target gift card.
There are coupons for 4.00 off the razor, and 1.00 off the body wash or deodorant. I'm planning on buying the razor, and the body wash, using my 5.00 gift card from diaper deal, paying around 2.00 and getting back another 5.00 gift card! Woohoo!

Kohl's 5.00 off of a 5.00 purchase....

I was thinking that I need to do this again. When you sign up for Kohl's email list, they send you a 5.00 off 5.00 purchase coupon you can print and use in store. I've gotten some great deals on clearance items, like shirts and jewlery.. One shirt was 5.40, so I paid 40 cents!!
It takes 3-5 days to get the coupon (atleast it did for me) and at this point I've signed up for 7 or 8 different email accounts.. Don't tell Kohls ....

Totally Free at CVS...

This was a fantastic deal... talk about getting paid to shop. The freestyle meters are 9.99, and the soy joy is 4/4 with 4 ecbs back.
I did a transaction with 3 meters and 7 soyjoy bars. My total was just about 38 bucks, I used a 5/30, 3 coupons for meters making them free, and 2 BOGO coupons for the Soy Joy bars. So I paid nothing OOP and got back 4.00 ecbs. I then did 3 other transactions with 4 soyjoy bars each, and left there with 4 ecbs and all that goodness to show for it.
They have tylenol for 4.99, with 2 ecbs back. I'm going to use a 2.00 coupon on that, and get one more soyjoy bar. I should spend 0 oop and get back 6 ecbs!! Check my blog tommorrow to see if I got the deal!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't sleep...

I could not fall asleep, and the more I tried, the worse it became, so I came online. I found myself googling crazy things, and when I put in free samples, I found thunderfap.com. I did a couple of posts for free samples to sign up for, and then I realized, thats silly! Just put the darn web page up!!
Now that I've signed up for a lot of free samples, that I may or may not get, I'm going to try that sleep thing again. I hope you find something fantastic to sign up for :)
Oh, and don't forget to use an email you never use, that way you dont have to deal with the junk email :)

Bayer coupon


Need I say more??

Free Aveeno Sample

I signed up for this in hopes that the sample will come with a coupon!!


My very own Linus....

I didn't think I was going to have one of those kids, with one of those blankets. But I do. It's just a crappy old fleece blanket, I had it for years, and one cold night I put it on him, and now its his.
He loves it as much as I loved my pink blanket.....

Never to warm to have a blanket over your face, as long as you leave the rest of your body uncovered. He learned from the best :)

New code out!!

Dear My Winster loving friends. There is a new code out for anything in the gift shop, including a day pass with 300 spins and 4x as many points. The code is Summer2009
So go to Winster, sign and get yourself something from from the gift shop for FREE!!
Don't know what Winster is? It's just my favorite online gameing site.. You can play for free and get 200 free spins per day and save up your points for gift cards, or you can pay to play and get more spins and points per day.. either way, its GRREEAATTT!!

CVS 6/21-6/27

First off, Happy Father's Day to all the daddy-o's out there.
CVS has a couple of exciting deals, to me atleast for next week..
Pepsi 8 packs are 4 for 9.00 and you get a 5th one free. The Shaw's deal is better, but if you are lazy, this is an OK deal.
Revlon make up is buy one get one free. Remember you can use 2 coupons, if you have them.
Spend 20.00 on aveeno sunblock and get 10 ecbs. You can print coupons at https://www.aveeno.com/product_coupon.jsp;jsessionid=6YSu4wgcOIUDRBalkpTrFH7ZMRs
Spend 10.00 Tresseme products and get 5 ecbs back. There are coupons for 1.00 off at Market Basket if you have one in the area.
Get 2.49 back when you buy a Thermacare neck to arm wrap. Makes it free, or 1.00 off https://www.wyethallbrands.com/coupon_registration.aspx?OfferNumber=saKzhet5cggonIM2PrhofA%3d%3d makes it a money maker!
SoyJoy bars are 4/4 and 4 ecbs back makes them FREE. There are coupons out there for BOGO and 2/10 or you can print a 1/5 http://www.soyjoy.com/special-offers.aspx
SOBE life water is BOGO. Using a BOGO coupon you get the both for free!!
and last but not least, Carter's favorite bars, Kashi bars are 2/5 with 1.50 off each http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qfmqdtk78169770&bt=vg&o=56997&c=KS&p=r5h3dQ7V makes them 2/3.. sweet music to my ears!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Red Box Rental?!?

TheThriftymama.com has a link for a survey to take, and then you get a code for a free Redbox rental. Don't know what Redbox is?? It's a red box, found mostly at supermarkets and drug stores, that you can rent movies from.. at 1.00 a day!! You can look at www.redbox.com to find locations, and then take a survey and get a free movie rental for one night on 6/22 or 6/23. Check out http://www.thethriftymama.com/2009/06/free-redbox-rental-fill-survey.html for all the info!

Free I love Coffee coin purse...

I'm not a huge coffee fan, but I do love FREE. Click the link below to get your own coin purse. Just an FYI, when you submit your information a pop up will appear and ask you about other offers, just close it, it has nothing to do with the coin purse!

Free Chocolate Friday!!

A "me" kind shirt

Did you read my blog about regifting?? I LOVE to regift, and I follow the regifting rules. When I saw this shirt at Salvation Army today, I had to have it, and for 2.99, who would say no!! If you haven't read my regifting blog, read it!! It's somewhere around here...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shaw's Pepsi Deal

Shaw's has a great pepsi deal this week. I am going to stock up like a crazy woman!!
The soda is 5/5 for a 12 pack, when you buy a multi-pack of Frito-Lay chips. The chips are 5.99, for a 20-24 count. They are great for snacks, and to pack with lunches.
So 13.99 *bottle deposit included* for 5 12 packs, and 22 (in the package I get) chips is one heck of a deal!!

A money saving tip:

Be organized.
Organization has been the key to my money saving. The more organized you are, the more you will save. My coupon book is organized, that when when I see a deal, I know where to go get the coupon. My bills are organized (for the most part) that way things don't get sent late, and I don't get late fees. I do enjoy paying my condo fee late, but thats a whole different story..
Lately my kitchen has not been organzied. I found myself giving away stuff because I didn't have room for it, but I actually did. I went through all my stuff yesterday and put things together in groups (thank you leslie) and now I have a nicely organized kitchen, with plenty of room for more deals!!


You know the game, and you love it!! Oh, you haven't heard?? Usually once a week the site updates and you can click around to find coupons to use in-store. The great ones are usually gone in seconds, and its usually at some crazy time of night (or early morning depending on where you live)
Old navy is being sneaky this week, and so far as not given any clues to when the new coupons will be posted. I suggest you check the site often and when they are working on it, keep watching!! They will have 75.00 off 100 and 50.00 off 100!!

CVS money maker!!!

I am running to CVS tommorrow morning!!

They have a magnavision sunglasses deal this week: Buy 2 pairs of sunglasses and get $10 ECBs. The StyleScience lens cleaning tissues that are .99 are working for the deal, as well as Car Cleaning Clothes (.99) and StyleScience glass cases (1.99). Buy 2 StyleScience lens cleaning tissues for 0.99 each and the $10 ecbs print! You can only do it once per account though!

People have found them in the eye care section, sunglasses section, reading glasses section by the pharmacy, and in the trial/travel section!!