Friday, July 31, 2009

Shaws, take 3

Shaws, take 3
4 cheerios, 2 vitamin waters, 2 frostings, 2 warm delights, 2 lipton secrets, 3 chex mix
manufacture coupons, 15.00 catalina, and .34 oop, and got back the 15.00 catalina...
can't wait for my next trip!

Shaw's Take 2

Shaws.. first transaction (oh yes, I did 2)
2 cheerios, 2 chef boyarde, 2 vitamin water (I'm going to make an arc next), 2 mini delights, 6 chex mix (which had .50 off of any 2 on them) 3 knorr sides.
I used manufacture coupons, 15.00 catalina, and .84 oop and got back the 15 catalina

Shaws.. Take 1

First transaction.. 3 chex mix, 7 frostings, 2 knorr sides, 2 cheerios..
14.50 oop.. got the 15 catalina back...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thanks for letting me steal your picture. You rock.
I'm excited to say that I only went thrifting today, I did not go out and get any deals. We did spend a good 60 bucks, but should be able to make 4-5 times the amount back with the awesome t-shirts we found (metallica from 88!!)
I'm also saving up all my deal-age for Shaws tommorrow. They have a deal going that if you spend 30 on particular items, you get 15 back.. but that 30 is shelf price, not sale price, so this could be fun. If you dont have a flyer handy, go to to check out what is included. You can always check the regular sites, like, and to see if they have any printable coupons to match up for the sale. Oh, and don't forget the hotcouponworld database.. booyah!!
I can't wait to show you what I got.. and Yes, if YOU are wondering. It is going to be processed foods.. LOL

Don't forget... reloads its coupons on August 1st, so make sure you print whatever you need before they are refreshed (or yikes, deleted!!)

This month I'm going to try REALLY hard to remember to print my coupons through

Really, I am.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good things come to those who wait

I signed up for this free sample MONTHS ago. Just proof that things do some eventually.


A gallon of milk, 2 herbal essences gels, 2 palmolive, 4 neutrogena eye make up removers, 6 twix bars (totally yummy) and a sprite. I used 9 ecbs and .08 cents on my cvs gift card ( the one I've been expecting from mypoints finally came in) and I got 1 ecb back. And 4.00 of the twix bars went towards my candy total. I love candy!

Aglet Concert

Don't know what an Aglet is? Well its the tip of your shoelace, that keeps your lace from fraying. Carter thinks the song is the best, and LOVES to dance to it...

hope you enjoy his "moves"


I would like to say first that I stole this picture from
and that all you have to do it go to the pharmacy, ask about readyfill, and they give you this nifty book with coupons.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I really feel like someone should just smack me upside the head. I was chatting with one of my coupon ladies, who mentioned that she had 5/25 coupons, and I was like, wow, I'm totally jealous. Then she told me she got coupons from signing up at the rite aid site, and that gives her the coupon, and then I realized, CVS will take those!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
My cvs will match Rite and Aid and Walgreens coupons, and I've seen coupons out for this before, and I just never thought of it. .
So thanks Melissa.. you deserve a big shout out:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Sham-Wow??

I'll believe it when I see it, but I guess if you go to the site below, fill out a short survey, they send you 2 sham-wows.. I filled it out, and now only time will tell!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Okay so, I stink. I am sorry that I didn't put up the CVS deals of the week. I know you have already checked or and saw the deals, so I won't feel too bad.
I went this morning and got all this lovelyness for 1.63 oop. I also used 15 ecbs and 4/20 to pay for it and got 15 ecbs back. I definitly needed to the printer paper, so it was totally worth it!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good coupons!!!!

Click the link above, and sign in (or register) and 4 coupons will print. They are .50 off crunch n' munch, 1.00 off chef boyardee, .50 off peter pan, and 1.00 off any 4 snack pack puddings. They crunch and munch and chef boyardee coupons make for FREE products!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

who needs toys?


SO, I was out of just about everything, except for liquids. I picked up banquet chicken nuggets, shaws chips, chill orange soda, 4 bagelful boxes, 5 poptart boxes, 2 stouffers french bread pizzas, red baron chicken parmasean wraps, 5 betty crocker warm delights, shaws bulkie rolls, shaws hamburger rolls, 2 hormel completes, family size italian sausage rolls, shaws 8ct hamburger rolls, 4 axe products. Maybe some other stuff, but I can't remember. My total was 93 before then 58 after coupons, and because I bougth 4 axe products, I got 2 free movie tickets (and we all know how much those cost these day!)

Till Christmas...

153 more days till Christmas. I suggest you start getting ready. Think its to early? Never!!
The easiest way you can start is by making a list of who you need to buy for. My Christmas list was deleted by someone ( my husband ) so I have to make a new one.
I don't do anything special. I just open a world pad and type the names going down:
Mom Costa:
Dad Costa:
Mom Carter:
Dad Carter:
and so on.
Okay? Okay, lets get started!!!

Smokey Bones!

10.oo off a 20.00 purchase! woot woo!!

Colgate coupon... has another great valued coupon out!

-Save $3 on ANY Colgate toothpaste (5.8oz or larger) and ANY Colgate Toothbrush.

This coupon has a Walgreen Logo on it, but in fine print states its redeemable at other stores accepting coupons, and at the top it says its a mani coupon.

If the coupon isnt showing up, Try using Zip code: 85031

Actually, it did hurt.

I went to the Wal*mart in Fall River to look for the deal on the wipes, and I couldn't find any for the deal. The pullup wipes are 2.64, so 3.00 off off 2 would still be an OK deal if you need them, but since I don't, I didn't get any... I did manage to buy some other stuff that we needed and since I bought the Equate brand, it was a decent trip :)

Free chocolate Friday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Lingo

Sometimes when I write my blogs, I end up using some lingo that people are like, what?? so I thought I'd make a little blog about what the "lingo" is as a reference. You are about to be schooled.

MM= Money Maker
BOGO= Buy One Get One Free
BOGO50=Buy One Get One 50% off
B2G1= Buy 2 Get one FREE
MIR= Mail in rebate
OOP= out of pocket, or out of print
CRT= Cash Register Tape
ECB= Extra Care Buck
TP= Tear pad (or toilet paper)
Mani= Manufacture coupon
RIB= Reinventing Beauty Magazine (from CVS)
Cake= Money
Holla!= Excited or a Shout out
OYNO= On your next order

Photo shoot!!

Just a few from the photshoot.. I don't have a scanner, so I took pictures of the pictures :) There are more pictures on my facebook account that you can check out if you are a facebook friend of mine!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Organization Upgrade!

I have been totally slacking on putting a pic of my upgraded coupon binder. I use to just have a little 3 ring binder, but now I have a super leather binder, complete with a calculator!!! It has so many pockets, i can keep all my frequent shopper cards, and gift cards, and flyers and coupons together, and then just zip it up so nothing falls out, and be on my way!!

Mail Call!

I love to sign up for free stuff, and I love it even more when it actually comes in!! Today I recieved 3 kotex pads, with a 1.00 coupon in it, 3 OB tampons, with a carry case and a coupon, and a true delight quaker bar with a coupon!! Woohoo!


Total score today at Shaws. I got 20 iced teas, 10 mentos gums, and a box of nutri-grain bars for 1.45. I'm not even sure how I did it.


Word on the street is that these babies are undergoing a name change, from clean team to pull-up wipes. The clean teams are reported being marked down to 1.64 each. There were coupons in the paper on sunday for 3.00 off each, making them .14 cents each. Walmart prices can vary, but it doesn't hurt to look!

Another Bzzz...

I've been chosen for another Bzz campaign! I felt as though the last one was, well a little unbuzz worthy (do you remember the covergirl lipstick review? Yeah, so do I) This one is going to be different. If you haven't guessed yet, this next campain is....
Woohoo!! I LOVE Boston Market, and there is one just a few minutes from our house. They always have coupons in the Sunday paper, and you know how I love a deal. I also love chicken, and mashed potatos and cornbread. I could totally go for a midnight snack right now!! The information sounds like its going to be about lunch at Boston Market, which I never really think about having lunch there. I usually think about stuffing myself at dinner and then not moving from the couch, so I'm REALLY interested to see what the information is!!

Don't worry, once I know.. you'll know.. and then we'll go.. YUM!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It has arrived!!!

I got my Kindle today!! woohoo!!
Now I can download some books, and check my ebay auctions, and update my facebook status, anywhere!!
so excited!!

Because I love to embarass the ones I love

My good friend Justin (aka, my CVS boyfriend) asked me to post something on my blog to find him a date. I'm not sure if he was kidding or not, so I told him to send me a picture. He sent me the picture above. I know if I was a single girl. This would totally get me to go on a date with him.
This picture was taken at the Relay For Life event that Justin participated in. He was a team with members of his graduating class (Yes, ladies,hes young, hes only 18) and one of the events was to have one of your men team member dress up as a girl. It worked to his advantage, someone from another team grabbed his "breasts" and gave him a 10.00 donation.
He also walked the survivor walk that night, he was diagnosed when he was just 4 years old, and look at him now!! Quite the survivor I'd say. Hes grown up to love music, love his friends, and love his life. He just can't seem to find the right girl to share it with. If you are interested, just go down to CVS and check him out.. He won't have a dress on though.. (sorry ladies)

I always forget

I always forget to print my coupons from mypoints. When you print them from there, under your account you get the following points: My goal is to start trying to remember to do this from now on. When you see me post something about printing coupons, and it doesn't say "go to mypoints to print" just send me a computer smack. Don't worry, we'll still be friends after.


So I did a quick Shaw's drive-by today. I grabbed 6 powerades, 4 fuze, 2 white breads and some steak. The powerades and the fuze made up 10.00, the white bread was reduced because it was squished, so they were .25 each, adn the beef was a managers special 1.00 off. After the coupons for the 3/10, BOGO Fuze, and .75/2 powerades, I paid 3.23 for everything. Woohoo!!
Hold on folks, it gets better. My receipt printed with another survey for 2.00 off my next purchase!!

Life is a highway...

Yeah, when he wants to go, he wants to go.

Math time...

I know I should be in bed, and I swear that once I post this, I will go to bed. Pink tissues and all.
If you read my other posts, you read that I recieved a 10.00 CVS gift card for being a member. sends you emails that when you read them (or open and close them, because I can't remember the last time I read one) you get points. Most emails are worth 5 points, some are worth none, but they bring you to a page that you can sign up for stuff and get points. Some are surveys, that if you qualify for you can get xx points, or 10 points if you don't qualify. To get a 10.00 CVS gift card it is 1500 points. So I was trying to get an estimate of how long it would take for me to get another one. Its impossible to say for sure, but I think I get 3-5 mypoints emails a day, and at 5 points per email it would take approx 100 days. If I get more or less, or more survey offers (even if I got only the 10 points for not qualifing) that would defnitly change it. You can also buy things from certain merchants through mypoints to get points towards you total, which I haven't done recently, but if i did it would change it.
I already have another 100 points in my account from the last few days, so I'm thinking only 95 days till my next 10.00 at CVS?? Only time will tell...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Im just way to lazy to take a picture tonight. If you can imagine what 90 powerades look like, than you dont need one. I did 5 transactions of powerades, each paying me .50 cents. You buy 10.00 worth, use the 3/10 in the Shaws paper and use 5 .75 off 2 powerade coupons. And then magically, they give you 50 cents!! woot woo!!

Also, in some of the reusable bags there are coupons to get a reusable bag for free. I ended up buying 1, and then I kept rolling the coupons, and I think I left there with 10 or so...

Make sure you check the receipts, they randomly have surveys that you can take to get a 2.00 credit for your next shopping trip. Its just a automated survey that just takes a few minutes, to take a few bucks off your order!!

On a CVS note, they have a buy 10.00 worth of band-aid and J&J products, get 5 ecbs back. The johnsons t0-go kits are included. Check out other J&J first aid products for 1.00 peelies. I wiped out my store.. but if you can find 10 of them, and 10 travel kits, that will be 5.00 for free!!! I do love free!!

I'm lovin' it!

Sorry about the mess, I really need to clean up around here.
I went to CVS and did 2 transactions. The first one included the 2 speedsticks, 2 bottles of water, 2 filler papers, 2 pens, 2 pencils, 2 newspapers, 2 memo pads. I used (2) 1.50 off speed stick (which is printable from zip code 33907), I also recieved an email from CVS for 4.00 from a 20.00 purchase ( if you haven't registed your card on thier site, make sure you do). I used 9.99 in ecbs, and 9.27 on a CVS gift card (that I got from being a member, which is FREE) and I recieved a whole bunch of ECBS back.
Then I bought gatorade, 1 CVS pantiliners, hershey bar, and 5 J&J first aid kits, and halls cough drops (not pictured since my husband took the to work with his sick self). I used 1.00 off any J&J peelie that I stole from bandaid boxes (oh yes, Im one of those people), free gatorade coupon from some sign up months ago, free hershey bar since i bought 9 previously (i always grab a candy bar when i need a filler item so I dont lose ecbs) and I used 3.98 in ecbs to pay for the rest, and got back .89 ecbs for the pantiliners. woohoo!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I've come down with a really fun cold, and I am going to bed early, and tommorrow I am working and then hopefully feeling better and going out to dinner, so I will not be posting my CVS exciteness until later. If you are super excited and can't wait, has posted her matchups.. she actually does a better job than me anyhow.. so check it out!

Shaws attack..

Oh Yes!!
20 Powerades, a box of nutragrain bars, hot dog rolls, and cinnamon rolls for just about 5 bucks!!


There are a few things missing from this picture. I had bought 5 bags of cookies, 2 kotex, 1 glad air freshner, 4 softsoaps, 2 colgates, 3 photobooks, 1 package of mints. I did a few transactions, and only actually paid for one them, and it was 1.86, and I left with 9.99 in ecbs!!
I did get an email today for 4.00 off a 20.00 purchase, good till 7/19, so make sure you check your emails!!

I almost forgot!!!

I forgot today was free chocolate friday!! You can still sign up for some, so go, and go quickly!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More update...

The photobook ECB deal has a limit of 5 at CVS this week!! How rockin!!!

Lost Cell Phone...

So my friend Mrs. Davidson (pictured above) posted the greatest thing I have ever read. There is a website that you can put in your cell phone number and it will call your phone so you can find it. This use to happen to me ALL the time, and I would sign online and hope someone was on instant messanger, and I would ask them to call my phone. If I had only known!!
Thanks for the great tip Kathy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ashley Tisdale Party Pack

eh, why not?

Liquid Luck

Clearly, I have issues.
If you have noticed, I never pass up liquids. Much like Harry could not pass up trying to win this "lucky" liquid potion.
Next week Shaws has a deal running that if you spend 10.00 on certain items, you get 3.00 off instantly, with a in-flyer coupon. The best deal items are Powerade, Fuze, and the Gold Peak Tea. They are all 1.00 each, so you buy 10 for 10 bucks, and get 3.00 off. They all do have coupons at Gas Stations and Convience stores, making them FANTASTIC.
The Gold Peak and Fuze coupons are BOGO. So you would buy 10, get 5.00 off with the manufacture coupon, and 3.00 off with the flyer coupon, and then pay 2.00 oop.
The powerade would be work out to be buying 10.00 getting 7.50 off with the .75 off of 2 that double, and then getting 3.00 off with the in store coupon, making it a .50 money maker!!
I'm going to grab a few extra flyers friday morning so they don't run out since you need the coupon to do the deal!

Free software...

Free Aurora picture software is available until 7/16, 9:15am
use the code FREE24 at check out!


I made my second picture book today, and it still doesn't say anything about the print limit being reached.. so I'm heading out later to make my THIRD one for free!!! I wonder if that will make me reach my limit or not??


I went to CVS yesterday to make my free after extra bucks photo book. It holds 54 pictures, and 10 pages, you pay 7.99 and get the 7.99 back. The flyer says one per person, BUT my reciept did not say my offer limit was reached yet, so I'm going back today to make another one!! They will make great christmas presents!!

I thought I posted this the other day...

Oh Yea!!
You know how much I love taking Carter to get his pictures done, so this offer was right up my alley! Go:
and call picture people to make an appointment and get a free 8x10, 2 5x7's, and 8 wallets!
This offer ends July 25th, so go get your pictures on!!


I just got home from Harry Potter and there was no way I was brining up 35 12oz V8 fusion drinks and 20 Fuze drinks that I only paid 11.00 for and got 525 stop and shop gas points for up the stairs... so just imagine a lot of liquids, for not a lot of money, and then saving money on gas, and that is what the picture would look like.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks to Melly, I've got a secret for you.. and just for you..
If you go to and put in the zipcode 45435, coupons for softsoap will come up. One of them is for a 1.00 off and there is a sale on softsoap for .99 at CVS this week. There is also a coupon for 2.00 softsoap or irish spring body wash, which if you collect your CVS coupons, you may be able to match it. Go, print, shop.

Just something funny...

That's going to be my new mantra...
am I using that word correctly?

Stop in the name of coupons!

I heard through the grapevine today that if you buy 4 Fuze drinks at Stop and Shop you get .10 off a gallon at the pump. The drinks are 1.00 each, and there are BOGO coupons at gas stations and convince stores that will make this a great deal!!