Sunday, May 31, 2009

Non- CVS excitedness....

This is what I looked like on Friday I was checking out the CVS deals for this week, only I looked a little less Josh-like. But the stone cold expression, that was all me.
The deals this week are terrible compared to the excitement of last week. The short list includes:
Campbells soup is 2 for a buck, and there are 1.00 off of 2 coupons (find it at along with her coupon matchups)
Buy one get one free Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. There some coupons with Jills Solutions somewhere, if you can figure it out. There is also a good deal at Stop and Shop on this detergent this week with doubler coupons.
Huggies are 8.99, so with some coupons, might be an OK deal if you need diapers (and they have Box Tops on them)
Maxwell House is BOGO, and there are coupons on, so I may get that for my dad since I don't drink coffee.
2 for 6 on the haagen dazs ice cream. which i may partake in later on this week.
Spend 50 in Itunes gift cards and get 10 extra bucks, which is a decent deal if you do stuff like that for presents.
Skin Effects 24.7 Minerals Makeup or Skincare is buy one get one half off. There are 5.00 coupons, and I think the least expensive thing I've seen is 9.99, so I could get 2 of those for 5 bucks? Maybe.
Physcians formula is buy one get one 50% off and they did have some 75% off clearence stuff, and there are 1.00 off q's. So that may or may not be interesting.
Spend 10 and get 5 bucks back when you buy Nivea Men's Facial care. States it starsts at 3.29, and I think there are coupons on
Buy 2 Hawaiin Tropic 4-8 oz and get 10 extra bucks. There are 2.00 off q's at, and she seems to think this is a great deal, so we'll see!
Then there is a 4.00 extra buck when you buy 2 softsoap items. It says there is a limit of 5 during promo period, and that is starting on 4/19, and I've think I've used it all up? I'll have to check my reciept.
Clairol Loving Care Natural Instincts is 3.99, and there are 4.00 coupons that expire...TODAY! I got 5 for free so if you need your hair dyed, come on over. Yes, that means you Leslie.
Icy Hot is buy one get one half off, and some coupons just come out in the paper today. They wont be free, but if you are going to buy them anyhow.. why not get a deal
Thats it. If you see something I missed, let me know.

Friday, May 29, 2009

CVS fun!!

I went to CVS last night, just to look around, and I got some GREAT deals!!
I felt like I was going to pass out and the room was spinning. I actually came home and went to bed. It must have been my coupon "high" taking over me.
I got the speedstick, LCD tv wipes, the kitchen sponges, toothpaste and 16 crest white strips trial size boxes (with a 4 day supply in each) for a little over 6.00 and then I got back 5.99 in ecbs.
I had 3 5.00 off the crest strips coupons, and they were 5.99 each. Then inside the box there was 7.00 off coupons. While I was talking to Justin (CVS cashier) I looked inside and there were 7.00 off coupons, which did not say they excluded trial size. So Yea. I bought the whole box. I used the 3 coupons I had to buy 3, and then used the coupons in those to buy 3, and then used the coupons in those.. etc.
Good deal :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shaws 5/27

Good times at Shaws today.. I had a 5.00 off of 40.00 coupon that I just HAD to use. I ended up with 4 boxes of cereal, 4 eggos breakfast items, national hebrew hot dogs, deli creations sandwhich, 2 giant steaks, 19 v8 drink, 2 franks red hot, and 1 joint juice.
My total WAS 60.94, after my coupons it was 19.98.
The actually paid me to buy the v8 drink. They were 1.25 each, and my coupons were .75 each, which doubled and took 1.50 off instead. Wooho!

take it all off...

We'll maybe not all of it!! It is that time of year when we tend to wear less outside, and we get to expose our body to harmful UV rays that make our skin a great color! Thanks to the blog Sales Addict, I have a link for 3.00 off a Coppertone Suncare product, so keep those UV rays out!!

Use the coupon, and use the product.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun with Baxter

Baxter is our neighbor's bird, and I just adore him. Carter loves to play with her son Jordan and I attempt to hold Baxter. He's been in a bad mood lately and has been puffing up his feathers to look at all tough. Kinda makes me want a bird, or it did until he pooped on Fran....

FREE Blue Moon Bottle Opener...

Click on the above link to sign up to be a part of the Blue Moon crew, and you can get your own spiffy bottle opener/key chain.
I do so enjoy freeness.

FREE sample of UnderJam

I don't have time to find a picture of Underjams, but but the sound of it. I'm sure you can guess. Its like a diaper for post potty trained kids, that still have trouble at night. Its suppose to be like real underware, so no one knows if you are sleeping at a friends, or whatever. There is one per household so I sent one to my house and one to my moms. I've been starting to stockpile some potty training supplies, in hopes that I can start to use them in the next year or so. Oh and its a FREE sample.. hello!!

go here:

remember to pick boy or girl... :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Neutrogena deal at CVS

Here's the deal!
CVS is offering 10 extra bucks if you buy 2 neutrogena suncare products. They have these little "trial" sized ones for 1.99 each. So the total would be 4.18, and you'd get back 10 ecbs!! woohoo!!
Alot of websites have been posting that it IS working, so I ran to my CVS and it WORKED!!
I love getting paid to shop!!

Target trip...

As I mentioned before, I was looking foward to going to Target this week. I went today and browsed since Carter was with Grandpa, and Grandma was shopping at Kohls. I got the airwick stuff for .99 each, the swiffer 360 and refils for 3 something, and then 4 things of cookies (which I had 2 1.00 q's for) and a box of pop tarts. I ended up using my 5.00 gift card from another transaction, and 11 something oop. I then got another 5.00 gift card since I bought the cookies and pop tarts!! woohoo!

Shameless plug...

So here it is.
My husband works for Bernie and Phyls, and if you need furniture anyhow, they've got a decent deal going on. As stated above, if you spend 999, you get a 15" hdtv, 2,999 is a 32" and 4,999 is a 42". You buy the stuff and then 2 weeks later you pick up your free TV at bestbuy. I obviously don't know the prices of TV's, but if you are going to buy furniture anyhow, I'd go to the place thats going to give me a TV as well..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

CVS!!!! Woohoo!!

Okay so ALL this lovelyness was one in 4 different transactions. I ended up paying 12oop and have 5 ecbs... To give you an idea of just how good the savings are the 2 12 packs of toilet paper at regular 6.99 each.. Wooho!!

Target Deal!!

I have not been a huge fan of Target lately, but a good deal is a good deal.
They are advertising that if you buy 5 selected Kellogs products, you get a 5.00 gift card. They products are cheez-its, pop tarts, and some keebler cookies. They are 2.33 each. Making the total 11.65. I have a 5.00 gift card from the last time I did a deal, so that would make it 6.65, and then I would get the 5.00 gift card. I may have some coupons on the cookies (like 1.00 off of 2?) so that would help. I'm also going to check the boxes and see if there are any good freebies. Hopefully I can get there soon!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Free movie ticket arrived!!

I don't know if you remember, but a few weeks ago Shaws had a deal that if you bought 10 kellogg's items for 25 bucks, you got 2 free movie tickets. I then got a great deal because of my coupons, and loaded up on cereal and pop tarts. Then on my pop tart box it said if I mailed in 5 star trek "coins" I could get a free movie ticket. So I cut them out, and mailed away the form, and yesterday, I got my free movie ticket!! It can actually be used to any movie, but since Josh still hasn't seen Star Wars, I will assume it will be used for that!!

Reasons I shouldn't be allowed to shop..

I first went to Shaws to buy even MORE cereal. I got all 8 things for 7.30 cents. I am currently eating a cookie, and its FANTASTIC.
Then I went to walmart. This time I got 51 items for 80 bucks. That includes a dress for a wedding next week, and 4 pairs of shorts for Carter, not to mention ALL the other stuff. I got some take and toss sippy cups for Carter, which I'm sure he'll just toss. My total was 112 before the coupons, so I made out well. I won't have to buy anything for lunchs for a while. I love bringing the easy mac with me, it fills me up, and its quick and cheap!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Starting the excited-ness early

To avoid getting teary eyed over how big my kiddo has gotten, I've decided to check out the CVS deals a little earlier than usual.
Sunday and Monday cottenelle is 5.49 for a 12pk and I have some 1.50 off coupons from mom-umental savings coupons from select huggies box diapers. I think I have 46 rolls of toilet paper in my house, so I may or may not grab some.
Sunday and Monday Planters is BOGO and I have 1.00 off coupons from Depending on the price, this maybe fabuloso. Remember you can use 2 coupons, so its like getting one for free, and 2.00 off the other one.
All NYC cosmetics are BOGO Sunday and Monday, and I have 1.00 coupons from ALL YOU magazine. It says the prices start at .99, but I have never seen anything less than 1.69, either way, free make up!
Clearasil daily facewash is 3.99, getting 3.99 ecbs back. Sunday and Monday only.There is 1 coupons out there from one of the newspaper inserts. So total money maker!
Revlon nailpolish is 3.99, getting back 3.00 ecbs, and 1.00 coupons from the newspaper are out there! oh, and again, Sunday and Monday only!
Playtex sport or gentle glide tampons are 3.99 getting back 3.00. I have a million 1.00 coupons from the paper, making this another great deal!
Certain bandaids are 2.99 getting back 2 ecbs. Sunday and Monday only. There are 1.00 peelies on some bandaid products, and also 1.00 coupons out there, so could be free!!
Colgate cavity protection or plus toothbrush is .88. Sunday and Monday only. If you can find a colgate coupon for 1.00 off any toothpaste it will be free (and maybe some overage?). I think all my coupons are for total colgate, so I probably wont be getting this.
Glade Fragrance Collection is 2.00 off.. making there 6.99 candle 4.99 and I have a few 4.00 off coupons!
Hershey's syrup is 2/4. There are 1.00 off 2 coupons. Not a great deal, but still something if you need it.
Get 10 extra bucks when you buy 2 neutrogena sun care or sunless tanning products. Prices are usually 7.99, and I have some 2.00 off coupons. So it would kinda be like paying 2.00 for 2 of them after the ecbs, I'll think about it.
Olay ribbons body wash is 2/12 and you get 5 ecbs back. I have 1.00 coupons, so they would be 2 for 5.. so we'll see.
Colgate total is 2.99 getting 2.00 ecbs back, and I KNOW I have a coupon for that!!
Aveeno baby stuff is 3.99 and I have 2.00 coupons.. I think
Thermacare is spend 10 and get 5 ecbs, and I have 1, or 1.50 coupons. So it should be a great deal, I can always use some heat pads.
Nexcare tattoo bandages is get 2ecbs and I have some coupons, so again, that might work out well.
Speed Stick pro is 3.99, getting 3.99 back. Might be 1.00 coupon out there if its not expired.
Should be a fun week!!

Totally slacking...

I have been slacking on my blogging duties the last few days. So I thought I'd take a moment to mention that there will not be any coupons in this Sundays paper. I guess they want us to enjoy your memorial day weekend. No one told them I was working on Sunday and now will have to find something else to do. I guess I can always finish that sock monkey I was working on before I started couponing...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tasty CVS trip

This was my trip into CVS yesterday (May 18th). I had 6ecbs with my dad's account, so I grabbed 4 raviolis, and 4 snack packs. I paid 2.00 oop and got back 5 ecbs! woo hoo!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pet time...

I love animals, real ones, fake ones, ones I can eat, I just love them!!
I always get excited over pet "deals" even though I no longer have one. I've been trying to do my best to get deals and then donate to our local no-kill shelter.
From browsing other blogs, I found:
Petco printable coupons:
and a sample of Rachel Ray's Nutrish Dog food:
thanks fellow bloggers, and thanks to YOU for enjoying the deals (and using your free dog food for good?)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun at CVS

I went to CVS 4 times today.. The first time was to buy my newspapers, the second time was to get deals. In reverse order. I bought a bunch o' stuff. I used a 5/30 and various coupons. I spent 12 bucks oop and got back 9 ecbs!

This transaction I spent 1.72 oop and got back 2 ecbs!

This transaction I spent 3ish oop and got back 6ecbs!!
If I ever smell, just beat me up.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Shaws had a open house today, so I went in to grab some coupons, and I walked out with 3 coupon booklets, 9 joint juice waters, and 2 zyrtec kid bottles (one of the bottles is at my neighbors house). The joint juice was 2/5 on the 4 packs, and 1.00 each for the singles. The zyrtec marked 1.00. I had 2.00 off any joint juice, and 1.00 off any. So I got the singles for free, and paid .50 per pack. I also had 2.00 off zyrtec coupons, so I got them for free. Then when I checked the receipt, I noticed they charged me 2.00 for each zyrtec, instead of 1.00. So I had spent 3.00, but I got back 2.40.. making it .60 for ALL the stuff I bought!!

End of the week deals...

So I went in with 12 ecbs to spend, so I bought the pull ups, crest pro health, ziploc twist n' lock.. things, eas bar, and a hershey chocolate bar.. and 3 starbuck drinks, used my 12 ecbs and 5 bucks oop and got 4 bucks back.
But wait Sara, where are the drinks?
I noticed they said 2.69 on the reciept, but they said 1.69 in the refrigerator case. When I went to recheck and it was 1.69 for pepsi, even though there was no pepsi in that section.
So I returned those, and I also got the price corrected on the Hershey bar, and I ended up getting 9 bucks back.
I spent 6 of it on scratch tickets and didn't win.
Oh well :)

CVS excited-ness, again...

It's Saturday again, and courtesy of, I've been checking out the CVS ad starting tommorrow. Nothing is fabulous, but I'm still excited.
Hershey Extra large bars are BOGO, and I may have some coupons to go with it. So that may be good.
Spend 10 get 5 ecbs on Poppycock, Orville Redenbachers, ACT II, David, Hunts, or chef boyardee products listed. Which again, I have some coupons for, so hopefully I get get a deal! Limit of 1
Lysol Neutra Air and Air wick starter kits are 5.99.. I have 4.00 off coupons which I may use. I love cheap smelly stuff.
Select Sally Hansen products are buy one get one 50% off, and there are some decent coupons out there. I'll just have to see what I can match up!!
All artifical nails are buy one get one 50% off and again, there are some decent coupons out there..
Aveeno shampoo and conditioner are 6.49, with 2 ecbs back. I have 2.00 any aveeno coupon, making them 2.49 each after extra bucks. Limit of 2
Violage is 1.99, I have some 1.00 q's and 1.50 off, so I may grab some for my donate box.
Double packs of crest, oral-b and fixodent are giving 2 ecbs back, i have some q's, but I'm not sure what the price is (usually 5.99 for a double pack of crest) so we'll see about that. Limit of 1
Certain colgate toothpastes are 3.99 giving 2 ecbs back, and I have coupons for that.. limit is 1 per household :(
Right Guard/Dry Idea is 2 for 5.00 getting 2 ecbs back. I have a few 2.00 off Dry Idea and some 1.00 and .75 off right guard. Limit is 3
The small packages of keebler or nabisco cookies are 5/5, or a buck each. I'm going to dig for some coupons for that. I must have something to get some free snacks!!
Oh and a limit is extra care bucks, not items :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Super Walmart!

I got so much stuff today, I couldn't fit it in one picure!! My total was 147ish, I spend 86ish after all my coupons. I bought 88 items, so less than a buck per item!! Some of the highlights are the 5 12packs of pepsi, 4 bagelfuls (because I'm addicted), 2 tubs of wipes, 4 mini lint rollers (for our ebay stuff!) 4 boxes of kashi bars, 8 Fuze drinks, 6 planters big bar boxes, 5 kraft BBQ sauce.. and more!! I shouldn't have to go shopping except for essentials for a while!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay so 9 sunblocks, a gallon of milk, a few smelly things, a couple of bengay, lipsticks, apricot scrub, razors, and pull ups and magically its 74 bucks.. what?? CRAZY!!
So after my coupons, and 4 ecbs, I paid 17 bucks.. and then got 3 bucks back.
Now that is a deal!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personalized book.. super cheap!

DEAL EXPIRED: I will repost if it comes up again

I had book like this when I was a kid, it was a story with MY name in it. How cool?! We'll I ordered this one for Carter so he can share the coolness.. and it was 4.00 shipped!! The book is a .01 and shipping is 3.99

Just to here and put in some information and order it!!

Early Intervention update

Okay so LOTS of paperwork has been done... and now we get to PLAY!! Once a week Caitlin will come and play with Carter for an hour, and hopefully show us some ways to get him talking!!

I also made Caitlin leave with 5 boxes of cereal... so now I only have 29!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

CVS has a deal this week that if you buy 2 soft soap ensambles you get 4ecbs back. The pump is 6.99 (or so?) and the refill base (which is pictured above) is 3.99. I have the pump, so I just bought the bases. There are 2.00 coupons out there from CVS reinventing beauty magazine, and most stores have them laying around for FREE. Grab as many coupons as you can and buy 2 soaps, use 2 2.00 coupons, and spend 4 oop (or more if you buy the pump) . Then you get 4ecbs back. You can then buy 2 more soaps, use 2 coupons, and your 4ecbs, no money oop and get 4ecbs back!! They have a limit of 5 (which is 10 soaps) so go crazy! With all this free soap, I should be swine flu free!!

Free-ness in my mailbox!

I love sign up for samples and any other freebies, I do it so often, I forget what I signed up for. The last two days my mailbox has been full of goodies!! Yesterday I recieved a shower caddy to go on my scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner system, and today I got 3 free huggies diapers (and a coupon) and 3 free pads (and 2 coupons). My mailman jammed the stuff into my little mailbox, so luckily I didn't get anything breakable!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I have 34 boxes of upopened cereal at my house.. who's hungry?

Shaws run 5/11

16 Boxes of cereal = 8.50 cents
You can do this deal too (really you can)
Print the kellogs coupons from and the kellogs website. Grab a couple of shaws flyers.
There is a coupon for 4.00 off 4 Kellogs cereal (selected varieties)
4 cereals are 10.00
so 10.00
-4 in ad coupon
-4 1.00 manufacture coupons,
equals 2.00
or .50 per box!!
One of the coupons I used was 1.50 off 2 boxes, which is why I paid 8.50 instead of 8, but I really can't complain!!

Ebay 101- Part IV

Okay, so you've signed up for,,and You have found your item to sell (and dusted it hopefully), taken a picture of it (after you dusted it?) and uploaded it on Now its time to make the money!!
Using Internet Explorer, go to and click Sell, and it is pretty straight foward from there. You need to pick a category to sell under. You can put in what you are selling and it will give you some choices, pick the one that makes the most sense. If you are selling a Toy Story DVD, pick DVD and not Toys. You can upload one picture for your gallery photo, which is free, but don't upload any others.
When you get to the part of your listing where you explain what your auction is all about, make sure you explain in detail. Remeber you are trying to sell something that someone can not touch, so you need to make it as "real" as possible. After you are done explaining, open your in another page, click on the picture you want, copy it and paste it in your listing under your explination. FREE pictures!!
Then you can put your starting price in. It does cost you to list on ebay, so the lower you start it, the less fee's. But if you start it at a penny it could sell for a penny, so make sure you weigh your options.
Then you have to specifiy a shipping method. You can use to get an idea of shipping cost. I usually use my zip code and 90210 to et an idea of shipping. If you sell something like a DVD they do not let you charge more than 3.00 for shipping. You can ship a DVD media mail for pennies, so they don't want people price gouging.
You always can put an auction up for 1,3,5,7, or 10 days. I would suggest that however long you decide to put it up for, you do not have it end on a Friday or Saturday. No one is home to bid last minute, and there are always last minute bidders trying to get the best deal. I tend to start my auctions around 9pm, that way they end at 9pm, when everyone is home from work and can bid!
Then, start the auction, and have some fun!!
Questions? Just let me know!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

CVS Sunday Run(s)

Okay SO today was super fun at CVS.
My first trip I bought the schick trimmer razor, neutrogena lipstick and a vickery and clark lip balm. Then when I got back to work I realized the lip balm, wasn't lip balm, and it was 7.95, not 1.95 like I thought it said. I thought it was strange that I spent 8.33 oop, but I got back 7ecbs, so it wasn't a huge deal. We'll when I went back to return the "lip blam", I got back 8.35, making me 2 pennis, and the 7ecbs.
I then stopped at another CVS on the way to my moms and bought the Glade sense and spray, 2 softsoaps, 3 st ives face scrubs, 3 2-pack razors, and a schick razor. I used my 7 ecbs and paid .98 oop and got back 8 ecbs!! Woot woo!

Christmas in... May?

I'm on the hunt for a good deal on a Christmas tree for this December. When I saw this I was very excited. Its a 79.99 tree, marked down to 9.99. It has 9.99 shipping. I decided to wait until Josh got home to show him. I'm glad I did wait, because he didn't like that it sat on the floor. I thought I'd pass the information along, just incase you were on the hunt too!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there!! Whether you are a mom, aunt, daycare provider, animal lover, plant lover. If you have ever wiped a snotty nose, snuck a treat to someone before dinner, or comforted a whiner. I say Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

CVS excited-ness

What does Milo have to do with me being excited about CVS? Because I'm like Dog-excited for CVS. The jump up and down, I might just lick you excited-ness. I love saturday nights, I'm all excited for the sunday morning coupon crazyness (even though the price of the newspaper is going up) and the new week of CVS deals. This week I'm looking foward too..
Get 10 ecbs when you buy 20 bucks worth of Vickery and Clarke (or some other stuff). I have a bunch of 1.00 q's, and I think they have a chapstick type thing for 1.75. I'm hoping to just pick up a stick every couple of hours and see how it goes. Incase you didn't know, I work in the same plaza as a 24 hours CVS. I go there on breaks :)
Get 10 ecbs when you buy 30 bucks worth of Skin Effects products. I have some 2.00 q's, which may or may not make this a good deal.
Get 3 ecbs when you buy Neutrogena lip sheers or shine lip color at 7.99. I have a cvs q and a mani q.. woot woo!!
Get 4 ecbs when you buy a Schick Quattro woman razor or trimmer at 8.99.. I have 2 4.00 coupons, and there is a limit of 5 of this. So I will have no excuse to be hairy (though I will find one)
Bayer quick release crystals.. 2.00, get 2.00 ecbs.. FREE
and crest pro health enamel toothpaste or mouthwash, 3.49, get 2 ecbs, and I have 1.00 coupons so .49 after that!! And a limit of 2! woohoo again!!
Now if I could just get back into the good graces of CVS. They use to send me 4.00 off any 20.00 purchase, but no more.. Why CVS? why??

Ebay 101- Part III

Did you find your item? Great!!
Now you just need to take a few pictures of it. I would suggest that you dust it off first, and THEN play photographer. I'm going to tell you how to list pictures on ebay for FREE so go crazy taking pictures. Remember, you want to sell something to someone that they can't touch, so you need to make sure it pleases the eye.
For example, when I list a DVD. I take a picture of the front, back, and the inside. I don't need to, but I do, because again, they can't touch it, and I want them to know there is no jelly on the back cover.
After you do that, I want you to upload the picture onto your account (which you should have set up) and then take a break. You have done well young grasshopper.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Well.. May has been a month of comic book stuff. May 2nd was free comic book day, then the Wolverine Origins movie came out, and tonight, Carter is sleeping in his Batman pjs!! Woohoo!!

Ebay 101- Part II

Okay so you got your stuff all set up right?
Next step: Find something to sell!!
Josh and I go to thrift stores, regular stores, wholesale stores. We keep our eyes open, and our ears peeled. Things that always sell well are electronics, current video games, or old concert shirts.
Before you dive into shopping for deal to sell, I would suggest finding something in your house that has dust on it and list that.
Okay, go on.. find something cool with dust and take a picture of it and report back to me!!

Loving returns..

I went to Shaws today, but didn't take a pic. Let's just say my total was 99, I got it down to 65. I bought 4 boxes of cereal, banquet nuggets, uno's pizza, 2 tostitos chips, some crazy potatos, 2 sobe life waters, mozz cheese, cream cheese, and ... oh I wish I had a picture so I could remember all the stuff. I did get 6 softsoaps, which they did not give me the price in the ad, and I did not get the money back for buying so I went promptly to customer service to return them. They gave me 30 bucks back, making my total really only 35!! How cool, super cool!!

Early Intervention!!

Carter's Early Intervention was today. It was fun and was a little crazy at times. They give him different toys and things to do with them, and score him based on that!! I don't remember the exact breakdown, but his speech measures in the 8 month old range, and everything else he was just a couple months behind on. Next step is MORE paperwork and then Caitlin will set up some appointments to work with him and get him where he needs to be!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ebay 101

I thought it would be fun if I did some posts on how to sell on ebay. If you know me, you know its what I do. I probably spend more time on ebay stuff than I do act my actual job. So keep up, and I'll teach you how to sell, and just maybe, make some extra money!!
The question people ask me most often is, do you really make money on ebay?
Yes, I do.
The next question is, What do you sell?
Let's get started. The first thing you need to do is set up on ebay account. Just go to, and register. It's free!
Also set up a paypal account and, again, its free!!
and lastly, go to and set up account, again its free!!
Once you've got that all done, come back here. Hopefully I'll have the next step posted!

Aveeno and CVS

I love buying Aveeno products at CVS lately. It just such a great deal!! My total was 46 ish for 2 cards, a gallon of milk, 4 lotions, 2 shaving creams, and 4 bars. After my coupons it was 20ish, and then I got 10 back!! I'm hoping to get enough coke rewards points, so I can use that 10 towards coke deal this week (buy 20 dollars worth, get 10 back) and use some 1.00 coupons!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Get your free meal here. My computer let me print 3!

Happy Cinco CVS day!

So I made 2 trips to CVS yesterday. It is very convient to me when I'm at work. Since its located in the same plaza. I went and got 2 deodorants, spent 2.60 oop, got back 6 ecbs. I then went and got 3 mini wheats, 1 deodorant, 2 glucerna shakes, and 2 glu-shakes. I spend used the 6 ecbs, and 6.97 oop. Then after much arguing with the cashier that she did NOT give me my free cereal with my BOGO coupon, I got back 3.33. And then 8ecbs. Woo hoo!