Thursday, April 30, 2009


Who needs early intervention, when we have early guitar lessons!! Josh doesn't really know how to play, but they two of them together were making some fairly decent sounds. I was a tad impressed!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No update?

What a busy day we had today (these are pictures from yesterday, but he felt the same today) We went to Dots, and then to the playground, and to visit GrandmaKat and Grandpa. It even made me want to take a nap. I did get 3 shirts at Dots for 4.00. So in the past 2 days, I've gotten 5 shirts for 4.50.. Less than a buck per shirt!! I plan on going to a few stores tommorrow, so that should be interesting!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Drug Store Day

So today was a HUGE shopping day, as you can see. It started off with a trip to Walgreens to return the Bayer. I actually ended up returning the 60ct for a 30ct, and I got 1.42 back. Then I went to another Walgreens on my way to work, and bought the scrubbing bubles shower cleaner, and a bag of M&Ms (eaten before picture was taken) my oop was 3.72, and I got 3.00 back.
Then tonight I went to Walgreens AGAIN (they love me) and got another monitor. 0.00 oop and 5.00 in Reg Rewards

Then I did this little number. The Kotex was on sale for 1.89, and I had 1.00 coupons, and they have boxtops, which equals money to me! Yay! Then I got the Nivea, and the Ecotrin, and missing from the picture is some Bayer quick dissolving tabs. After I left the store, I realized I didn't get my register rewards, and then I realized I was charged 5.29 for them, not 2.49!! So I went back in, and we (clerk and me) realized they didn't have the 4 count that was 2.49, only the 5.29 10ct, so I returned those and got 5.30 back! Woohoo!

So I used that and got the Quattro Razor and Milk for for 2.98, and got back 3.00 RR!

Then I went across the street to CVS. They just love me and would miss me if I didn't stop by. I got the 2 Roc things, the lumene and shoes for Carter. The Roc was 3.99, and I had 3.00 coupons, then lumene was 2.99, and I had a 3.00 off coupon. I used 4.00 ecbs and 3.96 oop to pay for it. The Roc products are spend 30 get back 10 this week, so I have 7.98 towards that. Woohoo!
What a day huh?

100th Post

I thought for my 100th post, I should have something big and exciting!! So I thought my highlight of the day would be my spotlight 100th post.
Dots clothing store has a coupon out there if you take a survey you get a coupon for 10.00 off any purchase, no minimun. To good to be true? Feel free to pinch yourself, its true!! I got these 2 lovely shirts today. The white one was on sale for 4.00 and the pink was 6.50. So I spent .25 per shirt!! Go to for all the details! The fine print reads one per customer per transaction, so print a few, they are good till May 11th! Shop happy, and often!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I love Poptarts, and I'm pretty sure they love me too..
I've noticed that there always seems to be something on the box, like, mail in the upc and we'll give you this or that. Someone told me the smaller boxes about a month back had itunes gift cards in select boxes (and she had one with a 10.00 card!)
It's never been anything I wanted though. Until today. I was putting stuff away and I saw that with 5 vouchers on select boxes, you can get a free movie ticket for the new Star Trek movie. We'll I bought 6 poptarts, all with the vouchers, so I thought I'd send them in and see I get a movie pass. When I cut out the form inside the box, its says its good for Star Trek or ANY movie at a participating location. So I got 2 free movie tickets when I bought them, and now I'm going to get 1 in the mail?? Sweet!
Moral of the story is. Check your boxes, You never know!

I know what you thinking...

No update today? No shopping pictures? Pssha, thats the last time I'm checking this out. Well just so you know I DID go shopping and I did take pictures. I just forgot to upload them, and now Im just lazy.. so the run down for today was:

CVS. Crest, 1.99, -1.00 coupons, and 1 ecbs, so 0 oop and I got 1ecb back, yay!

then Walgreens: I bought another meter, a mailing envelope, 2 boxes of bayer aspring stuff, and Nivea body wash. I used coupons, and a 5.00 register reward and 2.88 cents oop, and got back 10.00 in register rewards. I did notice that on my reciept I bought a 30ct aspring for 1.79 and a 60 count for 3.79. I only ment to buy the 30 count, so I'm going to return the 60 count tommorrow. If they refund me the 3.79, I just may pee my pants, that would mean I spent NOTHING out of pocket. I'll keep you updated!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Evening Shopping

Okay so I decided to try Walgreens, and I wanted to shoot myself. The breeze monitor was 14.99 and I had a coupon for UP TO 30.00 off. Instead of price adjusting it to make it work, they took 20 minutes to figure it out and then price adjusted it. I then got 5.00 in register rewards. I thought the manager was going to pee his pants. I was so annoyed, and went to CVS to do some fun shopping!
The only thing I really needed to get at CVS was the schick razor. So I grabbed that, used 5 ecbs to pay and got 4ecbs back.
I then decided to try the Walgreens at the other end of the Ave, since I had another Breeze coupon, but I couldn't find them. I decided I would get the 2 got2b gels, and a box of bars for Carter. I paid 4.52 (ish?) oop and got back another 5.00 in register rewards!! I'm still pissed at Walgreens for having a stupid manager though.

Afternoon shopping...

Okay so armed with 9 ecbs and some coupons, I went to CVS. I got the 2 things of toothpaste, which was suppose to get the wisps for free, but they ended up on my reciept and I spent 3ish oop. I got back 5 ecbs. I then went back and they looked at the flyer and there was a 2 pack for free, but I had a 4 pack, but there was NO 4 packs in the store. So they refuneded me the 1.35 the 2pack would have been worth, so yay for that!!


Due to my Aunt Barbara and Mellymoo's love of Walgreens, I have decided to venture over there and see what the big todo is. I decided that I need a plan of a attack if I'm going to do this. So my plan is this:
Transaction 1: Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Blood Glucose meter 14.99
-14.99 with coupons
get 5.00 RR
Transaction 2: 2 Got2b hair care products 10.00
-4.00 in coupons
-5.00 RR
1ish dollars oop
5 RR back
Transaction 3: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner 13.99
-7.00 coupons
-5.00 in register rewards
2ish dollars oop
3RR back
They also have 5.00 off thier ROC skin care, and I have some 3.00 off coupons. CVS is doing a ecb promotion, but if I can just get some free prodcuts with the coupons at Walgreens, I'll do that instead!
Check back later to see if it all worked out! I have 2 Walgreens near by, so hopefully between the both of them I can work this out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally made it to Shaws...

Some days I just love shopping, oh wait thats everyday!! Today I bought 6 boxes of poptarts, 4 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of bagelfuls, bag of banquet chicken nuggets, 4 vitamin 10 waters, 2 kraft salad dressings, 10 joint juice waters, 4 boxes of planters big nut bars, 4 knorr pasta sides.. all for 26 bucks, and I got a voucher for 2 free movie tickets... woot woo!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


The MRI went well, the girls were really nice, oh, and the LOVED me. Since the MRI was of my neck, I wasn't suppose to swollow. Since I barely produce siliva, this was not a problem. Apparently it is for some people, because after each segment she told me how great I was doing, and then when it was all done, she told me I could come back anytime. I didn't bother to tell her that my radiated siliva glands were in the crapper so I really didn't need to swollow. I just let her think I was fabulous-0. They did tell me how long it takes for results, but I don't remember. Hopefully it won't take to long!

Love and Hate of overages.....

I know what your thinking, Sara, what the heck is an overage? Well my good friend, here is an example. The chocolate in the picture above was .75, but I had a coupon for 1.00. Some places will give me the 1.00 off my total, some will change it the coupon for .75.
I love it when I get the overage, who wouldnt? I get the money off my total, and the store gets the money back from the manufacture. Some places can't give you overage though, which really stink, but its understandable, but annoying. Especially since one CVS will give me an overage and one CVS won't.
Beggers can't be choosers I guess?

Ready for Summer....

I love summertime. I really am more of an indoor person, but Carter really LOVES to be outside, and now that he can walk/run, I'm sure he's going to want to be outside all the time. So since those awesome aveeno coupons are out, and CVS has a great deal, I decided to hit them up again. Armed with a bunch of coupons, I spent 11 oop, and got back 15 ecbs. The one spray aveeno sunblock was 9.00, just to give you an idea of the great deal I got!!

MRI today!

You've been waiting for it, You know you have. You're tired of listening to me complain, but today is the day!! I have an appointment at 8 tonight, to lay in a machine all strapped in (like you could possible fall off into the coffin they shove you in) and listen to some lovely bang bang banging. My other goals for today are to go to Shaws and partake in some deals, and take a nice walk outside with Carter since its going to be so warm!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I could not stop shopping today, the deals were just to good!!

The first picture is 5 tresemme hair products, and 4 nuts and a thing of lumene wipes. I had a CVS coupon for 5 off 15.00 in tresemme products, plus 5 1.00 off q's. I used 4.00 in ecbs, 66 cents oop and got 5.00 ecb's back. woo!
The second picture is my Stop and Shop run I got 16 powerades, 4 Vitamin 10's, 2 Bagelfuls, 3 deli creations, for 6.90 cents! Did you know that you get .05 cents off your total for every reusable bag you use to take your grocerys home in? I had no idea!
Then the Aveeno. I got 3 items for 26ish, had a 10.00 off coupon, and a 4/20 and then I paid 11 in ecbs and 1.03 oop, and got back 10 ecbs!
And my favorite transaction of the day.. 6 got2b products, face scrub, and some nuts. I spent 2.00 in ecbs, and 43 cents oop.. What a day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New haircolor...

I was visiting a friend, and when I talked to her later and asked if she liked my new haircolor, she responded to me that she didn't notice it. I was like, what, its PINK! She didn't believe me, so here is the proof. It's pink, and you love it.


Okay so I traded some of my freebies with my friend Shena, for some printable coupons, and then headed to Target. I bought 4 V8 Fusions, 4 glade candles, 2 infant tylenol, 1 infant motrin, 4 aveeno lotions, 2 travel size axe body wash, and a package of sponges. My total was 63 before coupons, and 26 after. I also got 2 5.00 gift cards because I bought 4 glad candles. So Woot woo!! The girl didn't give me any problems with my coupons, which is always a plus!

Happy Earth Day!

Yay! It's Earth Day! The one day a year we care about the Earth, even though SHE cares about us everyday. It's kinda sad, huh? I'm bringing my empty water bottles to the Disney store today to get a special gift, which I heard is a reusable water bottle. Good thing I bought 16 Powerades last night. Woo, I'm really doing my part to save the world.

I suck.

Happy Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For a buck...

My Friend Sue at work handed me a STACK of .75 off any 2 powerade coupons today, and then told me they were onsale at Stop and Shop for 1.00 each, and if you bought 10, you got 5 for free. So I went and bought 16 Powerades, and a box of fruit and grain bars for Carter (2.00 for the box) and my total after my coupons was 1.00.
Also the Powerade has points on the caps, worth 3 points each, so another bonus!

Hatin' Rite Aid

Okay so I had a 10 dollar gift card for Rite Aid thats just been hanging around, so armed with my coupon book and a 5/25 coupon, I headed to rite aid.
I never liked Rite Aid, and now I really dislike them. I bought the items above. Huggies diapers, Breeze2 meter, 3 toothbrushes, and 2 eyeline things. My total was something silly like 43 ish, and then I handed her my coupons. She put my 5/25 aside and continued to scan in the coupons, and I was annoyed, but I didn't say anything, becuase she was old and didn't know what she was doing. It took her forever to ring me out because the eyeliners and toothbrushes were clearance and the coupons had to be price adjusted. So I ended up using 7 something on my gift card, when it should have been only 2 something. So tommorrow I'm going to run in and buy a gallon of milk and then say good bye to Rite Aid.
I said I would never shop at AC Moore 5 years ago, and I have stuck to my word. I am now adding Rite Aid to that list.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pennies at CVS

Okay so transaction number 1, 2 Dove skinvitalizer, shampoo and conditioner, lumene makeup remover, and some make-up sharpner thing. Out of pocket, .19 cents.
Then I went back later bought 2 tubes of crest, 2 Act total and one more skin vitalizer, and spent .88 oop and got back 8.00 in ecbs, woot woo!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More CVS

So Mel at is a genius and hooked me up with a great way to do the aveeno deal at CVS. She also got a raincheck for action scrubber's when they were 2.99, and I saw that the starbucks chocolate was on sale and we got coupons for it!! So my first transaction after all the coupons and some extra bucks was 1.68 (the first transaction is actually the second picture) and got 10.00 ecbs back
Then I went to a different CVS and used the 10 ecbs from the first transaction and paid 1.30 oop and got 10 ecbs back!
woot woo again!!

Rockin' CVS!

So I went to CVS and they printed me out a 10.00 of a 50.00 coupon.
Okay CVS. I accept your challenge.
My total came to 52 bucks, I got it down to 26 and then I got 12 in ecbs back!! Woot Woo!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just incase you didn't know..

I love The first prize I won was 7.00 off a fandango movie ticket. That was Oct 2008. I never used it, I don't know why I haven't, but I haven't. I was buying a ticket to see the Hannah Montana movie (which Entertainment Weekly gave a B) and I remembered that I had it. Then I started to worry that it might have expired, well NO it didn't!! So I only had to shell out 4.50 to see Billy Ray!! Woot Woo!

Shaws is great!!

SO, I bought 31 items (2 gallons of milk, and 1 frozen Kashi meal are not pictured) and the toal was 83. After my coupons (and a coupon given to me by my dad for 10 off of 75) my total was 32 bucks, then I got 10.00 back for my next visit because I bought 25.00 worth of ConAgra foods!!
I can't do math right now, but I pretty much spent a little over a buck for each item!! woot woo!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

20 cent shopping spree

This isn't even all of it. I bought 2 sweatpants, 3 sweatshirts, white long sleeve shirt, 3 hair shaver (things), 2 hershey bars and a package of donnetts. I used 8.00 in ecbs, and .20 out of pocket. I'm wearing a pair of the sweatpants right now, they are SO comfy!!
I sold the hair shaver things to people at work who didn't get to CVS before I bought them all, so 3.00 in my pocket, woot woo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Selective Hearing

He passed his test, to the best of his abilities. There was only one part of the test he didn't do well on, and she thinks he could have just been ignorning it, or done with sitting and listening at that point. So all and all, his hearing has nothing to do with his lack of speaking (or speaking real words)
He's just the strong silent type, whats the big deal?


There is no nonesene about this deal!! had posted Walmart had no nonsense pantyhose for 1.00, and we had gotten 1.00 q's in the paper making them FREE! I have no need for pantyhose, but I thought I'd pick some up for my donate box!!
If you have any of those coupons laying around, its a great deal!!

More CVS fun!

Super fun at CVS! Instead of going three times yesterday, I did three transactions! I first used my dads account and bought a package of wipes (on clearance!) and a toothbrush. I had 2.00 off the wipes CVS coupon, and .75 mani coupon, and I used 4.00 ecbs and .51 oop, and got back 3.99!
Then I bought 2 Kotex pads, John Freida frizz-ease, toothbrush and energy bar. I used a 4/20, 2 1.00 off kotex pads, and a 1.50 CVS kotex coupon, a coupon for the energy bar (3.89 off, but the bar was 2.79!) and 4.99 in ecbs, and 3.89 oop. I got back 2.00 ecbs for the Kotex and 3.99 for the toothbrush.
Then I bought another wipe package, 2 frizz ease, another energy bar and luman make-up remover. I had another 4/20 coupon, 2.00 cvs wipe coupon, and .75 mani coupon, 2, 2.00 off frizz ease, 3.89 off the energy bar, 5.00 off lumene, and i used 5.87 in ecbs, paid nothing out of pocket and got back 5.00 in ecbs for buying 15.00 worth of John Frieda stuff!!
And I've already cut the box tops off my Kotex stuff, added bonus! Woot woo!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Oh, I have no doubt he can hear, I think its just selective. Either way we are going for his hearing test tomorrow at 9:15! I know what you're thinking, you thought it was a few weeks from now? We'll they had a cancellation, and I have tommorrow off, so YAY!!

I'll keep you posted if we get any results tommorrow!

Monday, April 13, 2009

3 times a lady....

Okay so I went to CVS 3 times today.
The softsoap was free
The colgate toothpaste was free
The eucerin was 2.49 after coupons (and I got 5 ecbs back for spending over 15 on Nivea brand products)
and the soda was 1.75 for all 5

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clean up in aisle 6

I had a fantastic trip to CVS today. I had a 15.00 off 75 just burning a hole in my pocket, so I walked around CVS seeing what I could find. I bought 4 airwick airfreshner things (they were 4.99, and I had 3.00 and 4.00 coupons), 2 sobe waters (they were BOGO, and I had a BOGO coupon, so they were both free) Dove shampoo and conditioner were BOGO, so 4.99 for both, with 2.50 worth of coupons off that, 4 2packs of disposable shick razors ( I had 1.00 off coupons, and BOGO coupons, they were .99 each, so FREE!) Tostitos were 2/6, nivea was on sale, plus coupons, and once I spend 15, i'll get 5.00 back (I just need to spend 3 more bucks!) and so much more! (as you can see) my total was 86, after coupons it was 26 and then I got 12 extra bucks back!! woot woo!
I almost forgot to buy the milk, which that and the chips were my main purpose for going out.. nice one, I know.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you had a great day doing easter egg hunts and eating ham. We visited the grandparents and cvs to return my pictures. I'm hoping to get back to CVS tonight to pick up some free-ness. I wanted to get the airwick mini spray for .99, but using my 4/20, I should be able to get 4 for free ( I think I have 4 coupons, I should probably look into that before I go). I also found my 45th swagbuck today so I ordered another 5.00 amazon gift card!! Hope your Easter is going well... feel free to leave a comment if you did anything interesting or have pictures somewhere that I should check! Thanks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like whoa?

Okay, so I love CVS, but tonight, not so much. I ordered a few copies of this picture online, to give to my family for easter. I ordered them on Saturday, and they called to tell me thier machines were down. They called today to let me know they were ready, so I went and picked them up.
What I found, was scary. There were pictures of my child, with no head.
Thats right. The 4x6 pictures I ordered are of his elbow down. When I asked Justin about it, he said, "don't look at me, I didn't print them" and told me to check back tommorrow morning with the girl who was working in the photo department. Oh, I'll be there at 9:55, and at this point, I just want my money back. They aren't going to have enough time to reprint them for me, and get me to my inlaws in time for Easter lunch, so I'll just take my cash back. When I do get my money back, I'll be getting swimmy diapers for free-ish, so atleast one good thing came out of this....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping time!

I went to 2 different CVS tonight, and did 3 transactions. I first used my dads account and bought 2 Natural Dentist mouth wash's. They were 6.99 each, minus 2.00 each with coupons, so 10.80, I used 10.00 in ecbs to pay for it, and owe them 0.00. They gave me 8.00 back in ecb's, and I can send for a 10.00 rebate! Woo hoo!
Then I went to a CVS on the other end of the Ave and bought 2 skintimate and a bottle of water, used my 8.00 in ecbs to pay and got 6. 98 in ecbs back for buying the skintimate.
Then using my account, I bought a gallon of milk, a skintimate and 2 glade freshners. I had a bogo coupon, and a 1.00 coupon for the glade, so those were free. I used ecb's to pay for the milk and skintimate, and then got 3.49 back for buying the skintimate!! So I spent no money out of pocket tonight, and still have ecb's, what more could you want??!!!

New Appointment!!!

We heard from Katelyn at Early Intervention yesterday. May 3rd at 3:30 pm is the next available date, kinda far away, but who knows, maybe he'll be talking by then and we won't even need it!