Saturday, September 19, 2009

CVS (and slackerness)

I've been so busy with Ebay lately, that I haven't done much shopping, but last night I went to CVS, and found out just what 14.00 and 7 ecbs can buy you.
2 gallons of milk
6 schick razors,
3 degree deodorants
3 disposable schick razors,
2 cvs peanut clusters candy,
3 covergirl foundations,
3 covergirls pressed powder
4 airwick smelly things,
2 stacy pita chips
listerine total, baby tylenol
and truenorth nuts
I had my CVS price match walgreens for the deodorant price (1.99-1.oocoupon) and the schick razors BOGO (9.99 each- used 2 4.00 off coupons), and rite aid BOGO covergirl (used BOGO covergirl coupon). There was also a rite aid offer for TrueNorth nuts, 3.00 get 3.00 register rewards back, so I got ecbs instead :) AND listerine was 2.99 get 2 register rewards, cvs is running a similar deal this week (3.99 get 1 ecb back) so I took advantage of both!! The rest I just had coupons for (or needed badly) and it was totally awsome!!! Thanks to Justin for telling me CVS does more than price matching, they do ecbs matching!! I can't wait to check out next weeks ads and see all the goodness I can get from CVS!!

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