Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have not been a good blogger lately. Not sure why.. could it be the 100 and something things on ebay? not sure. I went to CVS the other day, and spent 42 bucks (gasp!) but I got back 25 ecbs, and left with lots of good smelling things, and diapers!!
Today I went in, and did 3 transaction. The nail polish was 1.00 each, and I had 1.00 coupons, making them FREE.. Pampers were price matched from Rite Aid at 9.99, I got back 2 ecbs, and I used a 2.00 coupon.. Treseme was also price matched from Rite Aid, it was 3/12, and got back 5 ecbs, plus I had 1.00 off each. The Garnier Fructis was price matched from Walgreen. They were 3/10, spend 20 get 10 ecbs.. and coupons!! I spent a little over 6.00 oop, and left there with all that stuff, and 26 ecbs!!

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