Sunday, August 2, 2009

I told you it was going to be a great CVS week....

My pictures are out of order, like usual. The one right above this is part of my first trip. I say part of it, because I've given a lot of the stuff away. I did two transactions (one before work, and one of my break). One transaction consisted of 2 scissors, 2 pen packs, 2 book covers, 2 rulers, 2 glue sticks, one compass, one other ruler looking doohicky, 2 notebooks, and 4 2-packs of disposable razors. Everything but the newspapers and razors were FREE after ecbs, and the razors were 1.00 and I had 1.00 off coupons. All together I spent a little over 12 bucks after all my coupons and ecbs from last week, and got back 24 ecbs, and a coupon for a free 4 pack of AA batteries.

I then did another transaction. I bought 2 packs of the AA batteries (they are BOGO this week, so I got 2 packs for free) and 3 visine products, and some other eye thing (blink something?). After all my coupons and 7 extra bucks, I spent nothing oop and got back 13 ecbs.

Then I went back to CVS tonight, and did a few transaction. My first transaction I bought the finish products and the lysol, I used about 7 in ecbs, .04 oop, and got back 10 ecbs

Then I bought the 3 softsoaps, and 5 disposable razors, I used 9 (?) ecbs to pay for it, nothing oop and got back 12 ecbs. Then I bought the soda which was 4/12 plus the bottle deposit, I used 14 ecbs to pay for it, plus .40 oop and got back 4 ecbs.

I have no idea when I bought the candy, but it looks good.

And a HOLLA goes out to Kim for giving me her coupon for free chapstick.. woot woo!

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