Friday, August 14, 2009


I am loving shaws again this week. They have a boxtops promotion going. Spend 20.00 (shelf price!) in select boxtop items, and get a 5.00 coupon for your next order, and a coupon for 50 bonus boxtops. As many of you know I collect my boxtops and sell them on Ebay, and if you didn't know, now you do! I went in there tonight, and got what you see above for a little over 3.00 oop. For my first transaction I bought 4 apple cinnamon cheerios, and 1 trix. I used .55 coupon for the trix, and 2 1.00 any 2 cheerios. I paid 2.70 oop and got the 5.00 coupon back and the extra boxtop coupons. My second transaction I bought 6 Trix, one kleenex, 4 amp energy drinks, caprisun box, and 2 chips ahoy snack packs. I used 6 .55 off Trix coupons, 4 .50 off amp (making them free) 1.00 off any 2 nabisco cookies (they were already bogo, so super great deal) and the caprisun was free with a inad-coupon for buying 2 multi snacks (the cookies). My total was 8.39, I then used a 2.00 off any order and a 5.00 catalina, and paid 1.39 oop, got the 5.00 catalina, and 50 boxtops bonus. WOOT WOO!!

Also, all the products have boxtops on them (well most of them), so I'll be cutting those off and saving them up to sell!! I currently have a lot of 300 boxtops on ebay!

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