Monday, August 17, 2009


Finally a good week at CVS.. I say that like its been some sort of dry spell...
I went to CVS Sunday morning, armed with 4 ecbs and coupons. I did a transaction for the 2 packages of pens and 2 filler papers. I spend 0 oop and got back 3.98 (or so?)
Then I did a huge transaction including ..... 6 packages of trail mix, 8 dry ideas, 4 sobe life water, bottle of listerine with a free reach brush, colgate, J&J band-aids, and m&m's. After my coupons and ecbs, I spend .78 oop and got back 2 ecbs!! woot woo!


  1. You had better luck than me! They had no J&J kits at my store! I was there at 11am on Sunday and they were already wiped. Damn you other couponer who shops at my store! ;)

  2. LOL.. I only found 1.. so booo!! I need to hit up another CVS and see