Friday, August 14, 2009

Small Rant

I first started my coupon crazy-ness when I went on a trip to Kmart with Mel. They were doubling coupons up to and including 2.00, and I remember being amazed with all the stuff she got for nothing. Then I started couponing, and the rest is history.
Speaking of history, I guess the Kmart doublers are too. I see online ALL the time that a Kmart here, or a Kmart there is doubling. Never the Kmarts around here anymore though. Its really sad. I feel like Kmart was my first coupon love, and its gone.
So if you, Kmart, read this. I miss you. I refuse to shop with you without you doubling my coupon.. I'm sorry, but thats the way it is. Please, bring back your doublers so we can be together again.


  1. so I'll add a WTH Kmart right here. Now in all fairness one time the ad did not say it, but you popped in (or Shena called?) and they were! So perhaps we just need to be more proactive? And included in that proactiveness is writing hate emails when we find out they are not doubling here :)