Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because you have been wondering...

How do I organize all my coupons?
How do you know when they expire?
How do you know what you have?
How do you get so many?
Well, as you can see, I have a binder, and a small purse divider. In the binder I have things in sections, baby, pet, health and beauty, etc. In those sections, I have them in alphabetical order (or as close to it as possible). Every sunday I buy 2 papers, I cut out all the coupons (Yes, all of them, even the ones I may never use) and then I put them in thier sections. Buying 2 papers, usually consists of TONS of coupons to sort. In the small purse divider, I keep my cvs, grocery store, restaurant, and other non-manufactur coupons. While I spend the week putting them away, I also go through the compartments and throw away expired ones. And since I've put them away, and gone through them and used them, I somehow remember what they are. Its like how you remember a phone number if you keep looking at them and using it.
I also print coupons online, from,, and some of the actual products website. It can suck your printer dry, so be careful not to print silly things. Like are you really going to use that 1.00 off Field and Stream magazine? I doubt it.
I hope I have answered all your questions, and I hope that I have inspired you to get your own binder!

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  1. Oh good idea! I should post my monstrosity! It looks pretty fab right now. I did give it some much needed attention this week while I was avoiding school work :)