Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moulin Rouge and a OK book...

Josh was flipping through the channels, and I was finishing up a book I've been reading. Then about an hour later, I was in tears. I've been reading "Marked" its a vampire story. Its an OK book, its not that great, but definitly sucked me in. There is no Edward, like Twilight, though there is an Erik, and in my mind he looks like the guy from Superman Returns (and Zach and Miri Make a Porno, in which he plays a gay guy) because she keeps saying he looks like Superman. Anyhow. I wouldn't say to run out and buy it. You can borrow my copy. I'll be running out to buy the next book in the series tommorrow, because even though it is not the best book ever, it has sucked me in and I need to know what's going to happen to Zoey Redbird next. So I throw my finished book on the floor next to the bed and throw the covers over my head (you would too if you were afraid of the dark) and my husband says "I forget how good this movie is". Moulin Rouge is a fantastically horrible movie. Much like my book, it just sucks you in. The songs are crazy and great, the love story is wildly unrealistic, like a true romance should be. You get all caught up in thier lives, and then.. the unthinkable happens, and I'm crying in bed like a baby. I've only seen the movie 3 million times, but there I am.. crying anyhow. So if you haven't seen Moulin Rouge, rent it, if you haven't read Marked, borrow it from me... and if you want to see me cry, just watch the last 10-15 minutes of the movie with me and remind me that I have no more book to read, and I'm sure I'll be crying like a crazy mofo....


  1. I'm with Josh, I like it. Apparently we don't agree on a whole lot ;) but I love you anyway!

  2. I love the movie, I just hate the ending.. seriously, why did they do that to us? and to him?

  3. I love that Frank used to call me drunk the semester he did in Florida and sing songs to me from that movie. And I also love the movie.

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