Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going over-board...coke rewards

Today, I almost went off the deep end.
Leslie and I were bringing Carter to visit Shena and Emma. I took a right down the street, and there is was, and empty diet coke box. I could even see the part with the code was still attached. I almost stopped in the middle of street to grab it, but then I thought, oh my, stopping for trash? what if the code has already been entered? So I decided not to.
Remember, friends don't let friend throw away codes, but friends don't let friends pick up trash in the middle of the road either.


  1. Friends don't let friends drive on a coupon high :) Perhaps you need to wait a few hours after your next fix. I know I have driven away not looking at my receipt due to a coupon high (hence the kmart return). I have seen ECBs in the trash and thought "oh my, how sad". It can be dangerous. Please use with caution!

  2. You would be SO disapointed in me. In law school we have free Westlaw access (online legal research database) and we earn points for using it, redeemable for stuff. I thought the stuff would be lame and never really looked into it. The Kate Spade briefcase I want is on the list!!! Just this semester I started caring and doing things for points and already have 3,000. (The bag is 20,000 but there are lots of good things for way less). If only I had cared and done this all 6 semesters. Crap.

  3. Oh my!! Well atleast you have started now!!