Monday, March 23, 2009


Thanks to Mel, I checked my kmart reciept from yesterday. I was overcharged for the razors I bought. They were 2 for 10, but they charged 7.49 each. I have 2, 2.00 coupons, so I should have gotten 8 dollars off, making them 1.00 each... Instead I ended up paying 3.49 each. So I will be returning them today. They can either give me the price adustment, or just a refund. We'll see what happens!

I find that sometimes sale signs are left out, passed the sale date. So it could have been something that was just left on the shelf that should been. Either way, It's still more than I want to pay for a couple of 3 packs of razors. I'll post how much money I get back. If I get back 14.98, that will be hilarious since I only paid 12.58 for everything....


  1. Hehehe...Yeah I thinking if they gave me back my full amount it would be $12.97 or something.

    I know the sign for the Gerber snacks was from 3/22-3/28, I did read that one closely since it was soooo vague. But I'm not sure about the razors. I'm too old to remember the beginning of our trip :)

  2. I can't wait to return it now.. is that sad?

  3. is hilarious that we are soo cheap that $3.49 is WAY too much to pay for razors! And incredibly smart, sorta sexy? Oh sorry, I was just admiring us :)