Sunday, March 29, 2009

More liquids please!

Did you know that my husband and my son are made up of 95% liquids? Its true. I think they are part fish. So, When I find a good deal on liquids, I go with it. Josh is picky, but Carter will drink anything with flavor.
So I headed to shaws today, I returned the 3 boxes of All Bran and the bottle of Dove body wash. I got back 12.49 cents.
I then went and bought 8 4-packs of strawberry kiwi, and natural berry joint juice, 2 bottles of pepsi max, 2 bottles of vitamin 10 water, a gallon of milk, 4 alpo dog food cans (for the local shelter), 10 wet ones cup holder friendly wipes, and a febreeze candle to get away pet ordor (and maybe dirty diapers?)
My total was 45 before my coupons, and then it was 16.19. I used the 12 dollars in cash I got for my returns, and then used my card for the other 4.19.
What a deal.

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  1. whoa. So which shaws was this? Were the wet ones on sale??