Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shaws trip

I love the smell of a full fridge (and freezer). I went to shaws today, armed with my coupon book and a full stomach. My total was almost 40 bucks, and then after my coupons it was 12.58. I finally remembered to use my 10.00 catalina from the Kraft deal. I did not buy the scott papertowels from this trip, I was just to lazy to put it away, so it snuck into the pic :)
The Franks Red Hot was a money maker for me. It was .69 cents, and I had .50 coupons that doubled. I got the 3 packages of steamy veggies for free (and they are going to my dads house, ew) I got 2 bags of crinkle fries for .99 each, 4 boxes of mac n' cheese for .50 cents each, the milk was free, the bagels were free. The cheese and banquet tenders and anytizers were on sale, and i had a q for the anytizers. I think I did quite well, and Carter will be so happy with chicken nuggets for lunch tommorrow!

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