Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shaws and CVS

Okay, the top picture is a CVS run I made last night. I really didn't need anything, I just needed some ME time, and CVS is a fun ME place for ME. I got a gallon of milk, degree deodorant, Dove body wash, Dove conditioner and 2 bottles of flavored water. I spent 8.94, but no ECB's back. I needed to get the Dove body wash for Carter, which was 8.99, so either way, I got a good deal.
I also went to Shaws. I bought 7 boxes of cereal, 3 bags of bagels, 2 small apple jucie bottles, V8 fusion and a thing of cream cheese...
My total was 20.97, and i got coupons for 3 free gallons of milk.
oh, and I forgot to use my 10.00 of my next purchase coupon for my Kraft purchases the other day. Silly me.. oh well, its not like I'm going to suddenly stop shopping for food!

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