Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Lingo

Sometimes when I write my blogs, I end up using some lingo that people are like, what?? so I thought I'd make a little blog about what the "lingo" is as a reference. You are about to be schooled.

MM= Money Maker
BOGO= Buy One Get One Free
BOGO50=Buy One Get One 50% off
B2G1= Buy 2 Get one FREE
MIR= Mail in rebate
OOP= out of pocket, or out of print
CRT= Cash Register Tape
ECB= Extra Care Buck
TP= Tear pad (or toilet paper)
Mani= Manufacture coupon
RIB= Reinventing Beauty Magazine (from CVS)
Cake= Money
Holla!= Excited or a Shout out
OYNO= On your next order

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