Sunday, July 19, 2009


Im just way to lazy to take a picture tonight. If you can imagine what 90 powerades look like, than you dont need one. I did 5 transactions of powerades, each paying me .50 cents. You buy 10.00 worth, use the 3/10 in the Shaws paper and use 5 .75 off 2 powerade coupons. And then magically, they give you 50 cents!! woot woo!!

Also, in some of the reusable bags there are coupons to get a reusable bag for free. I ended up buying 1, and then I kept rolling the coupons, and I think I left there with 10 or so...

Make sure you check the receipts, they randomly have surveys that you can take to get a 2.00 credit for your next shopping trip. Its just a automated survey that just takes a few minutes, to take a few bucks off your order!!

On a CVS note, they have a buy 10.00 worth of band-aid and J&J products, get 5 ecbs back. The johnsons t0-go kits are included. Check out other J&J first aid products for 1.00 peelies. I wiped out my store.. but if you can find 10 of them, and 10 travel kits, that will be 5.00 for free!!! I do love free!!


  1. Do you ever have problems with the shaws casher's. I went firday and got some tea. I did 5 tran's they gave me such an

  2. The south end one?? I dislike the managers, but the high school kids are always fantastic to me. I do a lot of self-check out, so they just come over and approve my coupons and walk away. Brendan and Marco are my favorites, if you ever see them, just tell them you are friends with the crazy coupon lady Sara, and you might get a smile :)

  3. thats the one i went to too. Marco is very nice its the girl i dislike. I also go threw the self check out. Do you have Yahoo messanger? My screen name is butterfly61482.I would love to chat with you sometime...:)melissa