Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Covergirl BzzAgent

I wrote not to long ago how I am a member of and that I was selected to help spread the BUZZ about covergirl lip stain lipstick. I got my package in the other day which included one lipstick and some coupons and product information. I decided to try the product for a few days before I gave my opinion.
It's not THAT great.
It definitly is very light weight, you really can't tell its on. It also tastes great, which I think is a draw back. I found that I kept licking it because it had a fruity taste, and it kept coming off. It says outlast on it, but it really doesn't. I also like shiny lipstick, and this doesn't really shine at all. Its like a magic marker, and you color your lips, and it just kinda sinks in, and then disapears.
If you are interested in trying it for yourself, I did get some 1.00 coupons, and I'll be happy to share them. You are always welcome to try mine if you aren't afraid of cooties...

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