Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liquid Luck

Clearly, I have issues.
If you have noticed, I never pass up liquids. Much like Harry could not pass up trying to win this "lucky" liquid potion.
Next week Shaws has a deal running that if you spend 10.00 on certain items, you get 3.00 off instantly, with a in-flyer coupon. The best deal items are Powerade, Fuze, and the Gold Peak Tea. They are all 1.00 each, so you buy 10 for 10 bucks, and get 3.00 off. They all do have coupons at Gas Stations and Convience stores, making them FANTASTIC.
The Gold Peak and Fuze coupons are BOGO. So you would buy 10, get 5.00 off with the manufacture coupon, and 3.00 off with the flyer coupon, and then pay 2.00 oop.
The powerade would be work out to be buying 10.00 getting 7.50 off with the .75 off of 2 that double, and then getting 3.00 off with the in store coupon, making it a .50 money maker!!
I'm going to grab a few extra flyers friday morning so they don't run out since you need the coupon to do the deal!


  1. hello i would love to know where you find your coupons off . i went to hess today and found the gold peck drinks but it was buy 1 get 1 free. ty

  2. I found most of the powerade coupons at CVS, but I have seen them at a few gas stations as well!!