Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little more mypoints love...

I know when I first started this blog I wrote a little something about It's one of those programs that send you emails, you get points for "reading" them and more points if you take advantage of the offer in the email. You can also shop through there sites to other sites and get points. Since its free (technically, because you dont HAVE to buy anything) I of course, love it.
I recently took a look at what rewards I could get, and they have a 10.00 CVS gift card for 1500 points. I have been saving my points for a while, so I was able to request one gift card, and now I'm just 40 points away from another!!
Just another reason to love my points, points for free, and free CVS money for my already fantastic trips to CVS. That's a win win situation for me!

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