Monday, July 20, 2009

Because I love to embarass the ones I love

My good friend Justin (aka, my CVS boyfriend) asked me to post something on my blog to find him a date. I'm not sure if he was kidding or not, so I told him to send me a picture. He sent me the picture above. I know if I was a single girl. This would totally get me to go on a date with him.
This picture was taken at the Relay For Life event that Justin participated in. He was a team with members of his graduating class (Yes, ladies,hes young, hes only 18) and one of the events was to have one of your men team member dress up as a girl. It worked to his advantage, someone from another team grabbed his "breasts" and gave him a 10.00 donation.
He also walked the survivor walk that night, he was diagnosed when he was just 4 years old, and look at him now!! Quite the survivor I'd say. Hes grown up to love music, love his friends, and love his life. He just can't seem to find the right girl to share it with. If you are interested, just go down to CVS and check him out.. He won't have a dress on though.. (sorry ladies)


  1. Tell him I think he is adorable! But, I'm married... but my brother is 19, maybe one of his friends could want a date. I should cross post to his facebook. We could be matchmakers!

  2. OOHH!! Hook him up Kathy!!!