Saturday, July 11, 2009

So excited!!!

Since I slacked last week, I'm going to make it up to you by giving you the BEST cvs deals.
Okay, I really having nothing to do with it, but they are good nonetheless.
Spend 15 get 5 ecbs on select Speical K Kelloggs products. Limit 1. I don't think its that great of a deal, but there are some coupons out there, and if you like Special K stuff, than this may be the deal for you.
Tylenol arthritis and 8 hour relief are 3.99 and 3 ecbs back. Limit 3. There are some coupons and CRT (cash register tape) out there to make this a money maker!
Spend 20 get 10 ecbs back on Maalox, Gas x or Benefiber. Limit 1. Depending on the coupons, and your needs, this could be GREAT!
Get 3ecbs when you buy Head and Shoulders 23.7oz. Limit 1. There were some BOGO coupons in last weeks P&G if you didn't use those. Otherwise, its still an OK deal if you need it.
Fusion manual or power razor is 4ecbs back. Limit 1. They are 7.99 and there are 4.00 q's, making this FREE after ecbs.
Olay spend 20 and get 10ecbs on ANY olay product. They only show there very high priced items in the pictures, I'm hoping someone will find a way to make this a great money maker.
Revlon is BOGO. You can use 2 coupons for the 2 items. If you play your cards right,you can get some things for FREE or super cheap.
6x8 10 page hardcover photo book is 7.99 and get 7.99 ecbs back, so FREE!!
.99 glade air freshner. There are some CRT and other coupons that will make this FREE or very cheap.
Caliber 5" scissors 2.99 get 2.99 ecbs back. Limit 2
Caliber/CVS school glue 5oz .99 get .99 ecbs back. Limit 2
Caliber/CVS plastic or wood ruler .99 get .99 ecbs back. Limit 2
Caliber/CVS 3 or 5 subject notebook 3.99 get 3 ecbs back. Limit 2
Caliber/CVS 1 subject notebook is .99 get .99 ecbs back. Limit 2
Paper Mate grip pens 8ct .99 get .99 back. Limit 3
Caliber is a CVS brand, so if you have any coupons like 2.00 off 10.00 cvs brand purchase, this will be a money maker for you!!!
Pepsi is 4 12packs for 12.00 and get back 4ecbs. Limit 1.

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