Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I really feel like someone should just smack me upside the head. I was chatting with one of my coupon ladies, who mentioned that she had 5/25 coupons, and I was like, wow, I'm totally jealous. Then she told me she got coupons from signing up at the rite aid site, and that gives her the coupon, and then I realized, CVS will take those!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
My cvs will match Rite and Aid and Walgreens coupons, and I've seen coupons out for this before, and I just never thought of it. .
So thanks Melissa.. you deserve a big shout out:

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  1. There was one on coupons.com too. I may have been under a random zip code, but there is one there! Which reminds me to print another one!