Monday, July 20, 2009

Math time...

I know I should be in bed, and I swear that once I post this, I will go to bed. Pink tissues and all.
If you read my other posts, you read that I recieved a 10.00 CVS gift card for being a member. sends you emails that when you read them (or open and close them, because I can't remember the last time I read one) you get points. Most emails are worth 5 points, some are worth none, but they bring you to a page that you can sign up for stuff and get points. Some are surveys, that if you qualify for you can get xx points, or 10 points if you don't qualify. To get a 10.00 CVS gift card it is 1500 points. So I was trying to get an estimate of how long it would take for me to get another one. Its impossible to say for sure, but I think I get 3-5 mypoints emails a day, and at 5 points per email it would take approx 100 days. If I get more or less, or more survey offers (even if I got only the 10 points for not qualifing) that would defnitly change it. You can also buy things from certain merchants through mypoints to get points towards you total, which I haven't done recently, but if i did it would change it.
I already have another 100 points in my account from the last few days, so I'm thinking only 95 days till my next 10.00 at CVS?? Only time will tell...

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