Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Bzzz...

I've been chosen for another Bzzagent.com Bzz campaign! I felt as though the last one was, well a little unbuzz worthy (do you remember the covergirl lipstick review? Yeah, so do I) This one is going to be different. If you haven't guessed yet, this next campain is....
Woohoo!! I LOVE Boston Market, and there is one just a few minutes from our house. They always have coupons in the Sunday paper, and you know how I love a deal. I also love chicken, and mashed potatos and cornbread. I could totally go for a midnight snack right now!! The information sounds like its going to be about lunch at Boston Market, which I never really think about having lunch there. I usually think about stuffing myself at dinner and then not moving from the couch, so I'm REALLY interested to see what the information is!!

Don't worry, once I know.. you'll know.. and then we'll go.. YUM!!

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