Sunday, July 5, 2009

CVS Grand Opening!

I realized as I was shopping at CVS that I did not do my "CVS exciteness" post like usual. The holiday weekend messed me up!! Or atleast thats what I'm blaming.
The Head and Shoulder were 4.99 getting 2 ecbs back. You can do this 3 times. They had BOGO coupons in the paper this weekend, so I bought 4.
They also have a febreze deal, that if you spend 10 you get 5 back. There were also lots of great coupons in the paper this weekend for that.
Post cereal was 3/10 and getting 5 bucks back.
The tape and the pencils sharpners were free after ecbs, the tape is just for sunday and monday only.
The Dawns is 2/2, and you get one ecbs back.
CVS pantiliners were .89, getting .99 ecbs back
Schick Razors BOGO, and there were 4.00 off coupons a few weeks back)
I also grabbed some water, paper towels (for Carter's birthday party), 2 clearanced cvs "nyquils", and envelopes for .99!
I did a few different transactions so I could use extra bucks from one order to pay for another. All together I spent 5.67 cents oop, and left still having 5.99 ecbs. So they paid me to shop today! woohoo!

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