Monday, July 6, 2009

Penny for your thoughts....

If I gave you anymore than a penny for your thoughts, I would be paying you more than this transaction cost me!!
I actually did 2 transactions. I bought the olay body wash, which was 2/12 and get 5 ecbs back. I used 2/10, 2 2.00 coupons, and 5.99 ecbs to pay for it, plus a penny oop, and got back 5 ecbs.
I then bought the 2 schick razors, and the 2 bick razors (with the free 4 pack refills attached) and a candy bar. I used another 2/10, plus 2 3.00 off the bic razors, and 4.00 off the schick (they were bogo) and paid nothing oop. I didn't get any ecbs back, but who cares!!

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