Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Intervention!!

Carter's Early Intervention was today. It was fun and was a little crazy at times. They give him different toys and things to do with them, and score him based on that!! I don't remember the exact breakdown, but his speech measures in the 8 month old range, and everything else he was just a couple months behind on. Next step is MORE paperwork and then Caitlin will set up some appointments to work with him and get him where he needs to be!


  1. Sara, how old is he now? Just curious. And did you see the KFC grilled chicken frenzy?? Oprah announced the coupon and they had to stop honoring it. It made CNN. We weren't going to use one cause my husband is a health nut and doesn't eat fast food. But, it was grilled lol.

  2. i found you! we went through early intervention 2x. it got me free time while services were going on and free preschool as soon as my kids turned 3. so i didnt have to wait till sept. free summer preschool too! take all you can get! (im always stressed)