Friday, May 22, 2009

Starting the excited-ness early

To avoid getting teary eyed over how big my kiddo has gotten, I've decided to check out the CVS deals a little earlier than usual.
Sunday and Monday cottenelle is 5.49 for a 12pk and I have some 1.50 off coupons from mom-umental savings coupons from select huggies box diapers. I think I have 46 rolls of toilet paper in my house, so I may or may not grab some.
Sunday and Monday Planters is BOGO and I have 1.00 off coupons from Depending on the price, this maybe fabuloso. Remember you can use 2 coupons, so its like getting one for free, and 2.00 off the other one.
All NYC cosmetics are BOGO Sunday and Monday, and I have 1.00 coupons from ALL YOU magazine. It says the prices start at .99, but I have never seen anything less than 1.69, either way, free make up!
Clearasil daily facewash is 3.99, getting 3.99 ecbs back. Sunday and Monday only.There is 1 coupons out there from one of the newspaper inserts. So total money maker!
Revlon nailpolish is 3.99, getting back 3.00 ecbs, and 1.00 coupons from the newspaper are out there! oh, and again, Sunday and Monday only!
Playtex sport or gentle glide tampons are 3.99 getting back 3.00. I have a million 1.00 coupons from the paper, making this another great deal!
Certain bandaids are 2.99 getting back 2 ecbs. Sunday and Monday only. There are 1.00 peelies on some bandaid products, and also 1.00 coupons out there, so could be free!!
Colgate cavity protection or plus toothbrush is .88. Sunday and Monday only. If you can find a colgate coupon for 1.00 off any toothpaste it will be free (and maybe some overage?). I think all my coupons are for total colgate, so I probably wont be getting this.
Glade Fragrance Collection is 2.00 off.. making there 6.99 candle 4.99 and I have a few 4.00 off coupons!
Hershey's syrup is 2/4. There are 1.00 off 2 coupons. Not a great deal, but still something if you need it.
Get 10 extra bucks when you buy 2 neutrogena sun care or sunless tanning products. Prices are usually 7.99, and I have some 2.00 off coupons. So it would kinda be like paying 2.00 for 2 of them after the ecbs, I'll think about it.
Olay ribbons body wash is 2/12 and you get 5 ecbs back. I have 1.00 coupons, so they would be 2 for 5.. so we'll see.
Colgate total is 2.99 getting 2.00 ecbs back, and I KNOW I have a coupon for that!!
Aveeno baby stuff is 3.99 and I have 2.00 coupons.. I think
Thermacare is spend 10 and get 5 ecbs, and I have 1, or 1.50 coupons. So it should be a great deal, I can always use some heat pads.
Nexcare tattoo bandages is get 2ecbs and I have some coupons, so again, that might work out well.
Speed Stick pro is 3.99, getting 3.99 back. Might be 1.00 coupon out there if its not expired.
Should be a fun week!!

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