Saturday, May 16, 2009


Shaws had a open house today, so I went in to grab some coupons, and I walked out with 3 coupon booklets, 9 joint juice waters, and 2 zyrtec kid bottles (one of the bottles is at my neighbors house). The joint juice was 2/5 on the 4 packs, and 1.00 each for the singles. The zyrtec marked 1.00. I had 2.00 off any joint juice, and 1.00 off any. So I got the singles for free, and paid .50 per pack. I also had 2.00 off zyrtec coupons, so I got them for free. Then when I checked the receipt, I noticed they charged me 2.00 for each zyrtec, instead of 1.00. So I had spent 3.00, but I got back 2.40.. making it .60 for ALL the stuff I bought!!

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