Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shaws 5/27

Good times at Shaws today.. I had a 5.00 off of 40.00 coupon that I just HAD to use. I ended up with 4 boxes of cereal, 4 eggos breakfast items, national hebrew hot dogs, deli creations sandwhich, 2 giant steaks, 19 v8 drink, 2 franks red hot, and 1 joint juice.
My total WAS 60.94, after my coupons it was 19.98.
The actually paid me to buy the v8 drink. They were 1.25 each, and my coupons were .75 each, which doubled and took 1.50 off instead. Wooho!


  1. You are the smartest women ever! you should go on Oprah!

  2. i dont know about being the smartest woman ever.. i thought you had that title??