Saturday, May 9, 2009

CVS excited-ness

What does Milo have to do with me being excited about CVS? Because I'm like Dog-excited for CVS. The jump up and down, I might just lick you excited-ness. I love saturday nights, I'm all excited for the sunday morning coupon crazyness (even though the price of the newspaper is going up) and the new week of CVS deals. This week I'm looking foward too..
Get 10 ecbs when you buy 20 bucks worth of Vickery and Clarke (or some other stuff). I have a bunch of 1.00 q's, and I think they have a chapstick type thing for 1.75. I'm hoping to just pick up a stick every couple of hours and see how it goes. Incase you didn't know, I work in the same plaza as a 24 hours CVS. I go there on breaks :)
Get 10 ecbs when you buy 30 bucks worth of Skin Effects products. I have some 2.00 q's, which may or may not make this a good deal.
Get 3 ecbs when you buy Neutrogena lip sheers or shine lip color at 7.99. I have a cvs q and a mani q.. woot woo!!
Get 4 ecbs when you buy a Schick Quattro woman razor or trimmer at 8.99.. I have 2 4.00 coupons, and there is a limit of 5 of this. So I will have no excuse to be hairy (though I will find one)
Bayer quick release crystals.. 2.00, get 2.00 ecbs.. FREE
and crest pro health enamel toothpaste or mouthwash, 3.49, get 2 ecbs, and I have 1.00 coupons so .49 after that!! And a limit of 2! woohoo again!!
Now if I could just get back into the good graces of CVS. They use to send me 4.00 off any 20.00 purchase, but no more.. Why CVS? why??

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  1. Sara...i would love to get together and really have you teach me how you do this and save the way you do..also, you're really good at this blogging...any way for you to make money at it?