Saturday, May 16, 2009

End of the week deals...

So I went in with 12 ecbs to spend, so I bought the pull ups, crest pro health, ziploc twist n' lock.. things, eas bar, and a hershey chocolate bar.. and 3 starbuck drinks, used my 12 ecbs and 5 bucks oop and got 4 bucks back.
But wait Sara, where are the drinks?
I noticed they said 2.69 on the reciept, but they said 1.69 in the refrigerator case. When I went to recheck and it was 1.69 for pepsi, even though there was no pepsi in that section.
So I returned those, and I also got the price corrected on the Hershey bar, and I ended up getting 9 bucks back.
I spent 6 of it on scratch tickets and didn't win.
Oh well :)

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