Friday, May 15, 2009

Super Walmart!

I got so much stuff today, I couldn't fit it in one picure!! My total was 147ish, I spend 86ish after all my coupons. I bought 88 items, so less than a buck per item!! Some of the highlights are the 5 12packs of pepsi, 4 bagelfuls (because I'm addicted), 2 tubs of wipes, 4 mini lint rollers (for our ebay stuff!) 4 boxes of kashi bars, 8 Fuze drinks, 6 planters big bar boxes, 5 kraft BBQ sauce.. and more!! I shouldn't have to go shopping except for essentials for a while!!


  1. wow lady! Yeah I'm well stocked on many items now! I just need produce and meats this week. Which is fine since there aren't any super fab deals anyway!

  2. Since your family doesn't eat vegetables of any kind all you need is meat and you're good to go for the rest of the YEAR! ;)

    Since I don't have a SN guess who I am :)It shouldn't be hard

  3. Uh. I love veggies.. chocolate is totally a veggie.