Sunday, May 31, 2009

Non- CVS excitedness....

This is what I looked like on Friday I was checking out the CVS deals for this week, only I looked a little less Josh-like. But the stone cold expression, that was all me.
The deals this week are terrible compared to the excitement of last week. The short list includes:
Campbells soup is 2 for a buck, and there are 1.00 off of 2 coupons (find it at along with her coupon matchups)
Buy one get one free Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. There some coupons with Jills Solutions somewhere, if you can figure it out. There is also a good deal at Stop and Shop on this detergent this week with doubler coupons.
Huggies are 8.99, so with some coupons, might be an OK deal if you need diapers (and they have Box Tops on them)
Maxwell House is BOGO, and there are coupons on, so I may get that for my dad since I don't drink coffee.
2 for 6 on the haagen dazs ice cream. which i may partake in later on this week.
Spend 50 in Itunes gift cards and get 10 extra bucks, which is a decent deal if you do stuff like that for presents.
Skin Effects 24.7 Minerals Makeup or Skincare is buy one get one half off. There are 5.00 coupons, and I think the least expensive thing I've seen is 9.99, so I could get 2 of those for 5 bucks? Maybe.
Physcians formula is buy one get one 50% off and they did have some 75% off clearence stuff, and there are 1.00 off q's. So that may or may not be interesting.
Spend 10 and get 5 bucks back when you buy Nivea Men's Facial care. States it starsts at 3.29, and I think there are coupons on
Buy 2 Hawaiin Tropic 4-8 oz and get 10 extra bucks. There are 2.00 off q's at, and she seems to think this is a great deal, so we'll see!
Then there is a 4.00 extra buck when you buy 2 softsoap items. It says there is a limit of 5 during promo period, and that is starting on 4/19, and I've think I've used it all up? I'll have to check my reciept.
Clairol Loving Care Natural Instincts is 3.99, and there are 4.00 coupons that expire...TODAY! I got 5 for free so if you need your hair dyed, come on over. Yes, that means you Leslie.
Icy Hot is buy one get one half off, and some coupons just come out in the paper today. They wont be free, but if you are going to buy them anyhow.. why not get a deal
Thats it. If you see something I missed, let me know.

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