Monday, May 11, 2009

Ebay 101- Part IV

Okay, so you've signed up for,,and You have found your item to sell (and dusted it hopefully), taken a picture of it (after you dusted it?) and uploaded it on Now its time to make the money!!
Using Internet Explorer, go to and click Sell, and it is pretty straight foward from there. You need to pick a category to sell under. You can put in what you are selling and it will give you some choices, pick the one that makes the most sense. If you are selling a Toy Story DVD, pick DVD and not Toys. You can upload one picture for your gallery photo, which is free, but don't upload any others.
When you get to the part of your listing where you explain what your auction is all about, make sure you explain in detail. Remeber you are trying to sell something that someone can not touch, so you need to make it as "real" as possible. After you are done explaining, open your in another page, click on the picture you want, copy it and paste it in your listing under your explination. FREE pictures!!
Then you can put your starting price in. It does cost you to list on ebay, so the lower you start it, the less fee's. But if you start it at a penny it could sell for a penny, so make sure you weigh your options.
Then you have to specifiy a shipping method. You can use to get an idea of shipping cost. I usually use my zip code and 90210 to et an idea of shipping. If you sell something like a DVD they do not let you charge more than 3.00 for shipping. You can ship a DVD media mail for pennies, so they don't want people price gouging.
You always can put an auction up for 1,3,5,7, or 10 days. I would suggest that however long you decide to put it up for, you do not have it end on a Friday or Saturday. No one is home to bid last minute, and there are always last minute bidders trying to get the best deal. I tend to start my auctions around 9pm, that way they end at 9pm, when everyone is home from work and can bid!
Then, start the auction, and have some fun!!
Questions? Just let me know!

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