Friday, May 29, 2009

CVS fun!!

I went to CVS last night, just to look around, and I got some GREAT deals!!
I felt like I was going to pass out and the room was spinning. I actually came home and went to bed. It must have been my coupon "high" taking over me.
I got the speedstick, LCD tv wipes, the kitchen sponges, toothpaste and 16 crest white strips trial size boxes (with a 4 day supply in each) for a little over 6.00 and then I got back 5.99 in ecbs.
I had 3 5.00 off the crest strips coupons, and they were 5.99 each. Then inside the box there was 7.00 off coupons. While I was talking to Justin (CVS cashier) I looked inside and there were 7.00 off coupons, which did not say they excluded trial size. So Yea. I bought the whole box. I used the 3 coupons I had to buy 3, and then used the coupons in those to buy 3, and then used the coupons in those.. etc.
Good deal :)

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