Sunday, May 10, 2009

CVS Sunday Run(s)

Okay SO today was super fun at CVS.
My first trip I bought the schick trimmer razor, neutrogena lipstick and a vickery and clark lip balm. Then when I got back to work I realized the lip balm, wasn't lip balm, and it was 7.95, not 1.95 like I thought it said. I thought it was strange that I spent 8.33 oop, but I got back 7ecbs, so it wasn't a huge deal. We'll when I went back to return the "lip blam", I got back 8.35, making me 2 pennis, and the 7ecbs.
I then stopped at another CVS on the way to my moms and bought the Glade sense and spray, 2 softsoaps, 3 st ives face scrubs, 3 2-pack razors, and a schick razor. I used my 7 ecbs and paid .98 oop and got back 8 ecbs!! Woot woo!

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