Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shaw's Pepsi Deal

Shaw's has a great pepsi deal this week. I am going to stock up like a crazy woman!!
The soda is 5/5 for a 12 pack, when you buy a multi-pack of Frito-Lay chips. The chips are 5.99, for a 20-24 count. They are great for snacks, and to pack with lunches.
So 13.99 *bottle deposit included* for 5 12 packs, and 22 (in the package I get) chips is one heck of a deal!!


  1. I am hopeing you will see this i foud a coupon for stop @ shop from june 15th till july 2ed. spend $15 get $5.00 of meat. ty melissa

  2. sorry i have to correct the website it's

  3. I have seen that!! But thank you!!