Sunday, June 21, 2009

Totally Free at CVS...

This was a fantastic deal... talk about getting paid to shop. The freestyle meters are 9.99, and the soy joy is 4/4 with 4 ecbs back.
I did a transaction with 3 meters and 7 soyjoy bars. My total was just about 38 bucks, I used a 5/30, 3 coupons for meters making them free, and 2 BOGO coupons for the Soy Joy bars. So I paid nothing OOP and got back 4.00 ecbs. I then did 3 other transactions with 4 soyjoy bars each, and left there with 4 ecbs and all that goodness to show for it.
They have tylenol for 4.99, with 2 ecbs back. I'm going to use a 2.00 coupon on that, and get one more soyjoy bar. I should spend 0 oop and get back 6 ecbs!! Check my blog tommorrow to see if I got the deal!

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