Monday, June 15, 2009

There is no such thing as a stupid question...

Did you know that I've only been doing this coupon thing since December 08? My friend Melissa got me into it, and then I got hooked. I still consider myself a novice when it comes to couponing. Mostly when I get a great deal, its because I read about it somewhere. always had coupon match ups for CVS and Walgreens (sometimes Rite Aid) so I don't have to do to much digging for deals. I do enjoy looking through the flyer for things she may not deem as good deals that I do.
While I was flipping through the flyers, I noticed that Walgreens had a store coupon for Dry Idea at .99. While CVS had them on sale BOGO. I decided to ask my cashier if they did indeed take competitor coupons, and the answer was YES!! I know that the pharmacy will take competitor coupons for prescriptions but I had no idea about the front end product.
Yesterday, armed with my Walgreens flyer, I went to CVS and got 2 Dry Ideas. They price adjusted them down to .99 each, and then I used a 2.00 off manufacture coupon, and got them both for free!!
This may just be my store, but you should definitly check with your store and see what there policy is, you might just get yourself a great deal!!

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