Thursday, June 4, 2009

Less-Paper Challenge.

Between my nap, and a crazy amount of diet coke, I can not sleep.

I decided to look around for coupons for my Shaws deal (starting Friday!) and found a challenge on the Kashi website to start using less paper.

As I was reading it, I thought to myself, I can do this!!

Save the enviroment, and money? Ok!

We go through paper-towels like, well a house with a crazy one year old and messy husband goes through paper towels. Starting tommorrow, I will not be using paper towels for anything besides a crazy mess. I recently rescued some t-shirts that my mom was going to donate, I thought they would make great sleep shirts, or hang around shirts. My arms did not feel the same, so I put them in a draw, incase I lose weight. I'm going to take those out, cut them into 4 pieces. I believe I have 3 shirts, so that will be 12 pieces. I can use them to clean the bathroom, clean up liquid spills (which is a daily around here) or blow my nose.

At first I was thinking, but wait, now you have to wash them, so isn't that waisting water? But someone brought up a good point, that they are small, and you will be doing laundry anyhow, so to throw them in, doesn't make that big of a difference.

Anyone else up for the challenge? Better for the enviroment, and better for your wallet!!

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  1. Yep I can do this! I had been doing this for the most part now (just finished my paper towel supply too) since I never wanted to spend $$ on them!

    You can make unpaper towels and go on a roll too, if you need that! But it's a really simple thing everyone can do!!