Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gas Station + Shaws= Savings!!

Okay so my latest crazy thing is checking out coupons at gas stations. My friend Boyd at work showed me a coupon he got at a gas stations and now I'm hooked. I found BOGO coupons at the gas station for the iced tea, and it just happends to go with the Shaws sale this week.
My first transaction was for 18 iced teas and 2 fuze drinks. I used BOGO coupons for them, 10.00 off from my last visit and 2.50 oop, and got 10.00 for my next visit.
Then I bought the 4 Chex Mix, 3 Suddenly Salads, 2 cheerios, and 2 Fuze. I used coupons, the 10.00 and then my total was .02. The cashier that came to approve me coupons (because I was at the self scan) actually paid the 2 pennies since I didn't have any cash on me.
Her name was Donna.
Donna, I love you. You are now my Shaws girlfriend


  1. What brand tea is that? I love some of the organic ones. What gas station had the coupons? I haven't couponed at all during our move AND I don't have a printer right now... but I vow to get back in the game!

  2. wow...that's a lot of stuff!

  3. Its called Gold Peak. I had never heard of it before. I found the coupons at HESS and I popped in and out of a few. Some had them, some didn't. It's like my new obsession. I told my husband that whenever he goes into a gas station he needs to bring me back coupons if there are any.. so much fun!!