Saturday, June 27, 2009

CVS excited-ness for 6/28-7/4

Other sites are saying that CVS is not to exciting this week.. so lets see what I can find!!
Lay's chips are BOGO.. and I have some manufacture coupons from a home mailer for 1.00 off, making it 1.50 per bag.. they were from a Shaw's home mailer, maybe you have one too?
Wisk is BOGO, and you can use 2 1.00 coupons from I'm not sure how much it is, but its always worth checking out!!
Buy one get one 50% off on Divine cookies. There were 1.00 coupons that were printing out the of the boyfriend machines (the price scanner) so combined with that deal, you could get some really great cookies.
This is one I'm not really sure about, but I'm definitly going to look into. The ad says green dot prepaid reusable cards (mastercard or visa) get 5 ecbs when you buy one. It says purchase price is 9.95. So does that mean I get a pre-paid card for 9.95 and get 10.00 back, or is the 9.95 a fee they put ON TOP of whatever denomitation you buy. If its spend 10 to get 5 so I technically have 15, I'll definitly take part. You can only do it once though!
Another deal that I am not sure if its a deal. Some of the Lumene products are 5.00 off, like thier Time Freeze, and Vitamin C. I have some CVS coupons for 3.00 or 5.00 off. Now to find out how much they are and see if its a good savings!
Colgate maxfresh paste or brush are 2 for 5.00, then you get 2.00 ecbs back, with a limit of 4. If you have coupons for the products for 1.00 off that would make them 2 for 1.00 after coupons and ecbs!! And since there is a limit of 4 you could do a few transactions!
Speed Stick Deodorant is 2/4.50 and you get 3ecbs back.. making it 2/1.50. N0t free, but super cheap.
And that seems to be it. Of course I'll post anything else I find with my shopping, along with pictures!

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