Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okay so first stop on the CVS train was to take part in the pampers deal. They are 8.99 and a unadvertised ecb deal of 5.00. They are not printing out, but my manager printed it for me! Yay!! I also got a few candies since I neeed to get my total up to 30.00 for a coupon for 5/30. They have a deal this week that if you buy 15.00 worth certain candy, you get 5ecbs back.
I spent 17ish oop and got back 15.00 in ecbs.
I went back and did a few transactions. I got 23.00 worth of dove products, used coupons and the ecbs and paid 2ish oop, and got back 10ecbs. I then used that to buy the Fusion Razor and some m&m's and nutragrain bars, which was 3ish oop and I got back 5.ecbs. I then got another transaction done with some M&M's and gold emblem candy, spent 1ish and got back the 5 ecbs for spending 15 bucks in candy.
So I spent a little over 24.00 oop for all the stuff in the pictures, and have 10 ecbs to spend next time!! Yay!!

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